In Mnet’Show Me the Money 9’broadcast on the 11th, Onestein challenged Raewon to advance to the finals in the semi-final.

Wenstein went down to his hometown and helped Kimchi to get inspiration for the lyrics. Wenstein’s mother said, “The family environment was bad. I couldn’t support it, so I tried to give it up. When you were in high school, you said,’I want to die as a musician.’ I cried, saying.

Wenstein comforted his mother, saying, “I don’t think you need to think about what has passed. Don’t think about it.” In addition, he interviewed, “If it is because of my mother, grandmother and younger sister, I can only give up music.”

He said, “Other friends played music in the community, and I was only here in Cheongju. But I’m here anyway. So I’m a rural hybrid. People see me only as a nice person. I want to warn you in advance that there are times when I’m sharp too.” The music was released.

Yang Dong-geun and Zion T appeared on the stage and decorated the stage with Wenstein. Giriboy admired, “It feels like Onestein was Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson performed together at the’Grammy Awards’.”

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