Group SHINee member Kei was the first solo album released in Japan and won the Oricon chart.

According to the Oricon style of Japan’s biggest music collection site on the 27th, Key’s solo album “Hologram” released on the 26th was ranked first on the Oricon daily chart with sales of 21,420 on the first day of release.

This ranking is more significant in that it is the first album to be released as a solo, not a key SHINee . Kee is also the first solo album to win the Oricon chart.

Key held the first solo live event “KEYLAND” at the Kobe World Memorial Hall and Yokohama Arena on the 22nd and 25th prior to the solo album release. The key attracted 18,000 spectators with its colorful music and powerful performance.

Key’s new Japanese solo album “Hologram” consists of five tracks, including a Japanese version of his Korean song “One of Those Nights.”

He also made his debut on the solo album ‘Hologram’ on stage.

Congratulations to Key on his successful debut!

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