Chani was a style opposite to the universe during the school days.

“When I was with my friends, I was as bright as the universe, but when I was a high school student, I had a lot of sleep, so I stretched out my books and started to chuckle,” he said.

In addition, Chan-hee responded to the universe that showed the specimen of the eldest child under the ideal parent, “It was hard to know how to express the perfect universe in three dimensions.”

Especially, “I was thinking to show a realistic and attractive appearance, but I am sorry that I can not express that part well.” It showed that I was always worried about the character.

Kim Hye-na of Love Theater, played by Kim Bo-ra, said, “I was embarrassed that I had never received a surprise poem during my life. I laughed at the reply that I was embarrassed and embarrassed even though it was written in the actual script.

In addition, Chan-hee said, “SF9 members also fell in love with SKY Castle,” adding, “Members only have to look directly at their backs.”

Chan-hee’s enthusiastic interviews and pictorials about idol and acting, both rabbits, can be found at the February issue of At Style magazine.

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