Mental is expected to collapse after an unexpected flour attack, so his interest in how his “fateful destiny” will flow.

MBC entertainment programs “HUNTERS” (directed by Kim Sun-young, Kim Ji-woo), which is broadcasted at 8:50 pm on Friday the 15th, Music-centered ‘.

The ‘Hopefuls’ are entertainment program that reflects the true meaning of a meal in pouring food and delicious food. For many reasons, such as ‘health care’ and ‘diet’, the hunger who agreed to eat the han after the 24 hour hunger is receiving favorable comments on the way in which each day’s life is overcome with many temptations and welcoming the “new world of fasting” .

Chani, who appeared as an “early adopter,” last week, continues with “24-hour fasting” with the same members. He went to the drama and challenged the fasting because he wanted to reset the stomach that was uncomfortable due to irregular eating habits.

Chani MBC ‘Show! Music center ‘, and it proved to be a popular idol for the debut before the midterm challenge. He is challenging the tough “24-hour hunger” coexistence with live-tense tension and hopes that he will succeed.

In the meantime, Chan-hee is in the waiting room and is in crisis. He is a rumor that he made everyone laugh because he could not keep an eye on the deadly pizza in front of his eyes.

In addition, it was revealed that Chan-hee is practicing with a live-action group or a StrayKids Hyunjin. He was on his way to the station, and he said, “Shall we cry together, pizza?” Since then, it has been said that Chan-hee is really hard and there is one more mentality.

The ‘hungry beginner’ SF9 Chani’s attempt to live on the highway and the collapse of the mentality can be confirmed through the ‘hungerers’ broadcasted at 8:50 pm on Friday the 15th.

Starting from a question about whether eating three meals a day, the ‘hungers’, which started from the question of ‘modern-day health issues’ such as one meal per day and 24-hour fasting, is the perfect balance of public interest and entertainment I have received favorable reviews.

On the other hand, the ‘hungerers’ who have challenged the ’24 hour fasting’ such as Nohchol-Kimsook-Kim Jun-hyun-Yoo Min-won-Mithra- The broadcast ends and the season ends.

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