Huiyoung, who proposed the concept of the day, said, “I wanted to feel the analog sensation in a digital age like this, and I thought it would be fun.”

The former cast enjoyed the retro concept while taking the stage to play the scene of the film War in Crime: The Age of Bad Guys.

CIX Hyun-seok, who appeared on the radio for the first time, was nervous, saying, “There are no brothers and I’m very nervous now.” Hwiyeong shuddered, “Try hard with the thought that there is no today.”

However, as soon as EXO’s ‘LOVE SHOT’ flowed, he soon became nervous and showed a perfect choreography and was acclaimed by fans who visited Sangam MBC Garden Studio.

DJ Jung Il-hoon and Hwi-young gave a praise to the Boyz Young-hoon who came back with the new song ‘DDD’. Hyunseok also said, “There are many similar songs to the new song. The Boyz’s unique feeling is well-informed. ”

Hui-young recently released her own song ‘Messy Edition’. I made it last year. ” Then he said, “The lyrics make the house messy after the breakup, and the house is messed up. The title is” Messy. “He said,” My room is a real mess. ”

The Boys Younghun, SF9 Wheeyoung, and CIX Hyun-suk, who are on the ‘Idol Radio’ patented corner medley dance, laugh at the Boyz’s ‘DDD’ After showing off charismatic choreography, they gathered together and finished the stage with B2B ‘MOVIE’.

MBC Radio’s idol program ‘Idol Radio’ is broadcasted at MBC standard FM (Seoul and Gyeonggi 95.9MHz) and MBC radio application mini every day at 1 am~2am. Every night at 9-10 pm, you can meet the radio (except weekends) before the broadcast in the Naver Vlive application (V app).

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