In MBC Everlon ‘Foreigners’, which will be broadcasted on the 19th, there will be a special feature of’ The Wealthy People ‘featured in the idol SF9’ s Chan Hee and Dae Won.

Among them, SF9 Chan Hee, who has appeared in various works and broadened his acting spectrum, has been recognized as a ‘smoke stone’ in the drama “SKY Castle”

MC Yong-man asked “Do you remember the first time you played it?” In the history of Cheon-hee’s reaction to the actor of the 10th year, and he confessed that he confessed that he made his debut as a gallery at Seondeok Royal. He said, “The ambassador is ‘Yes!’ It was a word, “he said. In addition to this, Chan-hee said that he was given the name of a so-called “professional actor,” who plays a role of writing offenses in the drama ‘Signal’ and ‘SKY Castle’. He has also proved himself to be the most popular actor in the studio by showing his ”

In addition, prior to a full-fledged quiz showdown, Chan-hee said, “I am looking at 10 steps with a goal.” In addition, as a promise of championship, “I will eat a delicious Korean bean and leave a certification shot,” showing confidence that the foreigners were nervous. It is expected that Chun-hee will win the championship by taking over SKY Castle ‘s first all – around space character.

On the other hand, MC Kim Yong-man, who did not participate in the recording due to health reasons, came back in a month and received a warm welcome from the performers. Andreas, a Greek hunter of the foreign team for a while, came back after a long time and predicted a smile bomb.

Whether the versatile actor Chung-hee will win the quiz show will be confirmed on Wednesday, June 19 at 8:30 pm at MBC Evryon ‘Foreigners for Foreigners’.

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