‘Obsessive point of view’ Seventeen ‘Show! Music center ‘, and it proves the class of’ big stone ‘. It is reported that the story of Stephen’s behind-the-scenes will be released today.

In MBC ‘All-in-Time’ 42th broadcast on the 23rd, ‘Show! Seventeen appears in the music center.

The popular male idol group Seventeen’s show! Music center “waiting room is open to the public.

One of these days will be released to prepare for the live broadcast. The expectation is that 13 staff members, including 13 members, are working on the perfect stage.

Among them, Seventin’s manager made sure that all the members were in the waiting room, and Reader Esues said that he had shouted “Hey!” And raised his interest in the “Seventh-Party Checking Act”.

In addition, Seventin’s manager said that he had about a million won in food for Seventeen’s day. Along with this, the people who set the lunch menu before the live broadcasting stage are revealed and focused. Particularly, the members of samba dancers, who are leading the crowded concerts, are curious about the lunch time of Seventeen.

In the meantime, Seventeen, who is delighted with MC Mina’s statement that “This week is the top prize in Seventh”, is reporting the award. Those who came to the top of the list were not able to relax until their name was called, and the managers who watched them were also waiting for announcement.

Seventeen and his manager, who are tied together before being on stage and calling for first place, can be seen through the ”

On the other hand, the ‘point of view of the cellar’ is to observe the secret life of the star who did not know the star by reporting the troubles of the managers who are the most nearest to entertainers,

It is broadcasted on Saturday night at 11:05 pm with Lee Young-ja, Jeon Hyun-moo, Song Eun, Yang Se-hyung, and Yoo Byeong-jae.

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