Actor Seo Ye-ji, 29, is the first screening and screening horror film, ‘Amjeon’. Daily economic star Today met the calligraphy of charming smile and fluffy personality.

Calligraphy played the horror film director Mi-jung, who is preparing to debut for eight years in the movie ‘Amjeon’ (director Kim Jin-won), which is released on the 15th. ‘Amjeon’ portrays a bizarre incident that a new director encounters in search of the reality of a banned horror film. It is the first commercial film directed by Kim Jin-won (The Butcher) (2007), which has been recognized for his work at international film festivals. The horror film is a horror film director’s unique material and a closed theater.

The calligraphy paper asked the impression of seeing ‘Amjeon’. The actors came alive without the band. It’s only CG when snow is frozen. I actually did pretty much makeup. As I watched the movie, the pain came out as it was, and the tears came out. “I saw my body hurting.”

“The scenario was unique. The material of the director who makes a horror film was unique and the character was fresh. I talked to the bishop and he was fresh. So I did it. I was attracted to this lively horror movie. I liked the original horror movie. (Laughs) ”

wasn’t burdened with the first screen. Calligraphy paper, “There was no burden on the cast. I believed in the bishop. “I love horror movies, and I went to faith.” “I had a lot of gods who had to drink dust in the closed theater and actually have to digest it myself.”

In fact, calligraphy papers played without a band, rolled, and did not lose weight. To be undecided, I stood in front of the camera with 100% stranger and only 10 bleaching for gray hair. In particular, he talked a lot with director Kim Jin-won and immersed himself in the role.

Calligraphy paper “The appearance is reflected much of the director’s opinion. I hardly changed my clothes. The director liked gray hair, so he only bleached 10 times. I didn’t even make up. I wanted to apply sunscreen, but as soon as I had to wash my face, I had to dress up with freckles. ”“ I wanted to come out on the screen awkwardly. It was a good match with the bishop. ”

“Usually, the director has a lot of questions about the actor. But I had a lot of questions from the bishop. I really asked a lot of questions (laughs), what do you like, what horror movies do you like? The director told me to watch horror movies and watch cat videos. Maybe I’ve seen a lot of undecided would ask the bishop green ”

Calligraphy also played a ghost voice in the play. “At first the bishop proposed a ghost voice and refused. However, the director asked him why he thought. After hearing the answer, I wanted to do it. I thought I could capture the changing picture of Mijung. ”

“’Amjeon’ is a good movie. I didn’t touch it with a machine, but it’s really my voice. Do it slowly, strangle, squeak and do everything. There was nothing in the recording studio. It is a film that is really real life itself. ”

Calligraphy also forgot to mention Jin Sun-gyu, who had breathed together. Calligraphy paper said about Jin Sun-gyu “It was really good. It is an icon of caring. ”“ I really cared a lot. He comforted and talked a lot. I was happy to act together. When we looked at the stills, there were a lot of smiles. That’s why the public relations team struggled when they picked up the stills. ”

Calligraphy, which made its debut with tvN sitcom ‘Potato by 2013QR3’ in 2013, is gradually accumulating filmography. In recent years, he has worked hard to save the lawyer and the horror film Cancer War. In addition, the film ‘Quantum Physics’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Memory’ are meeting the audience.

When asked about the driving force of the “ten days,” he answered “I myself.” “It’s a passion in me. That’s what you want to do until the end. Do not be tired. I am my driving force. ”“ I always do my best. It’s the style that goes to the end. I will try to get hurt. Too much passion “I was sick when I was shooting cancer,” he said.

“I think it’s the best when I’ve done my best, regardless of whether it’s a show or a show. I tried to scream while I was “ cancer battle ”. So I’m sorry. It is a realistic and lively movie only this summer. (Laughter) What kind of actor do you want to be? I want to do some characters without any sense. We want to get a good evaluation because it is a job that is evaluated. ”

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