SBS ‘Revenge is back’ Yoo Seung-ho is wearing a bow tie tuxedo and is full of a lot of sheep, the ‘bangmoonmi’ charm that emits the attraction, ‘Gangbok’s dinner’ scene was caught.

Kang Bok-soo, who has been expelled unfairly because of the abuse of school violence by SBS new drama “Revenge is back” (play Yoon-young Kim / director Ham Joon-ho / production Super Moon Pictures / I am an adult and I plan to go back to school and get revenge, but it is a ‘strange and warm romance’ that gets involved in the incident again and again.

Yoo Seung-ho was a small hero in the drama, but after being expelled, she plays the role of ‘Byeon Man’ Kang Byeong-soo, who lives in a world of ruthlessness instead of money, and has a unique romantic yet delightful male beauty. Come out.

Yoo Seung-ho, who has been asked by someone to attend the dinner party instead, is actively working as a ‘substitute man’. A scene where Kang Bok-su, dressed in a cute bow-tie and a tanned tuxedo in white & black, is enjoying a luxuriously prepared food. Moreover, the revenge of eating food filled with mouthfuls and eating blessed food emits a lovely ‘bungmunmi’ with a look embarrassed when witnessing someone on the opposite side.

Above all, Kang Bok-soo, who has been attracted to the ‘charming boyfriend’ by attractive casual wear, is wearing a tuxedo that has a neat charm and is exploding. What is really going to be a request for revenge in the drama, what is going to happen at the dinner is attracting attention.

Yoo Seung – ho ‘s “Bungummi Charming Feast Dinner” was filmed on October 18th at a set site in Tonghyeon – myeon, Paju City. Yoo Seung-ho, who arrived at the filming stage, was surprised and curious by the luxurious set-table as well as various prepared dinners.

Yoo Seung-ho, who could not take his eyes off of the delicious food, was ready to shoot and was ready to prepare for the food, as well as the actor and ambassador. In addition, Yoo Seung-ho puts a bowl full of food in a scene of eating food, and it shows a delicious food eatery to the students and the staffs.

From the ‘Little Hero’ to ‘Dae Man’, ‘Dae Man’ to ‘Lee So Nam’, Yoo Seung-ho is completely digesting Kang Boksoo’s character that shows off all kinds of charms through this work. Yoo Seung-ho is confident that he will create a new life pot again. ”

On the other hand, netizens use various SNS and portal sites to say, “I will surely use them! Multiple fighting “,” Yoo Seung-ho often want to watch on TV “,” looks like childhood “and so on.

First broadcast on December 10th.

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