The first meeting of SBS new drama ‘Doctor John’ and Lee Se-young in prison.

‘Doctor John’ (play Kim Ji-woon, directed by the director’s assistant, Kim Young-hwan) is a human medical drama that tells the story of the first pain medicine doctors in Korea who are searching for the cause of mysterious pain.

Ji Sung and Lee Se-young each played the role of an anesthesiologist and an anesthesiologist with a nickname of “Doctor 10 seconds”.

On the 5th, “Doctors John” revealed the steel that Ji Sung and Lee Se-young face for the first time. The two people are urgently treating emergency patients in prisons. Especially, the doctor, who is intellectual, wears a prisoner suit, raising his curiosity.

The production team said, “The breathing of Ji Sung and Lee Se-young is very good, and the two people who are paying attention to the smoke are becoming the hallmark of the scene.” It is like a pain medicine doctor Dr. Johan and an anesthetic pain resident Kang Si- I hope you will look forward to seeing how the meeting will be held in the future. ”

On the other hand, ‘Doctor John’ is a work that the second assistant PD and Kim Jiwoon writes ” I hear your voice ” and ” Pinocchio ” for the second time after ‘Cheongdam-dong Alice’. It will be broadcasted at 10 pm on the 19th following the ‘Mung Bean Flower’.

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