SBS ‘Doctor John’ Intelligence and Lee Se-young have a meaningful atmosphere.

The seventh episode of the SBS drama drama ‘Doctor Johann’, which aired on the 9th, was the only program in terrestrial broadcasting, cable broadcasting, and the last episode. .

Intellect and Lee Se-young are Dr. Kang Si-young, an anesthesiologist who suffers from traumatic treatment of a father who became a botanical man. Hot rolled out.

In the last seven episodes, despite the fatal ‘congenital analgesia’ when fatal (intellectual) infection is fatal, rushing to the closed pain center for Kang Si-young (Lee Se-young) who fell while treating suspected patients with Nipa virus infection drew tension. Kang Si-young, a high-risk group of patients suspected of having Nipa virus, was knocked down by a violent seizure and fell unconscious after losing her mentality. Called with a sense of relief and anxiety at the same time.

Above all, the 8th episode, which will be broadcast on the 10th, contains a worrying vital check scene where Lee Se-young directly measures the state of intelligence. Kang Si-young in the play checks the body temperature of the calm, checks the blood pressure, and looks at the pulse. Kang Si-young reconfirms the numbers with his own hands and checks the numbers, just as he follows the life-saving way of checking and vitalizing himself every day.

In addition, Cha-Yeong focuses on Kang Si-young, and Kang si-young reveals his tears. Curious is the reason why the two people, who shared the secret of Chaohan’s congenital analgesia, are reacting to ‘pole’ and ‘pole’.

The vital check of intelligence and Lee Se-young was filmed in Gangseo-gu, Seoul in June. The two men have been talking to each other from the time they were waiting before the shooting began, and they have been preparing for the shooting. The two men analyzed the character’s line of thought for this scene, which was meaningful to both calm and Kang Si-young during the play. In particular, Lee Se-young exerts extreme concentration to express the psychology of Kang Si-young, who has a big amplitude of emotion, and intelligence is warm and strong. Pulled up.

The production team said, “There is a keen interest in what Lee Se-young will have in the future as a doctor who is similar to each other.” Please look forward to the broadcast today (10th) on how the ‘hot rolled chemistry’ of intelligence will be unfolded. ”

Meanwhile, the 8th episode of the SBS drama drama ‘Doctor John’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 10th.

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