Super Junior is a “sports trend” and a 14 year old. These are the stars mentioned in each issue in close ties. They are currently performing their own battles in their own fields, such as acting, performing arts, and singing, but I was hesitant to go beyond.

I met Super Junior ‘Eternal Youngest Line’ Ryeo-wook, who has been firmly established as a ‘solo singer’ and ‘musical actress’.

On the 12th, Rye-wook finished the final performance of the musical “Sonata Sonata” in the audience cheers. He played a genius composer ‘J’ who was inspired by his death. It was a role that had to show complex psychological acting that gradually got into the madness. Rye Wook showed off his “J” to Korean audiences after Japan, and showed his singing talents as if he was a main vocalist.

I laughed when I saw the script “Sonata Sonata”. I was born in the preliminary composition and the composition, ‘killing to inspire composition?’ It does not make sense. However, when I saw a character who was going to the extreme, I was wondering “How far can I express this madness?” I wanted to give a complicated psychological performance, and it was the time to come to me at the right time for the car. ”

” Ryeok, I met a character in lifeHe is a little more greedy for his “life story”.

“I was lucky to have met a good station every time I made a musical. The fact that I met “Life Cay” seems to be an expression that praises the actor. It is not yet possible to argue about ‘life character’. ”

What is more fun than anything is the pleasure of immersion on the stage. I also felt a ‘warm air’ that enveloped myself.

“There is a time to forget about the audience on the stage and immerse myself in my character. At that moment, I could feel the strange feeling of warm air that can not be explained. ‘This is the charm of the stage,’ I realized again. Once I was so immersed I was actually scratched by the god of self-inflicted knife with a knife made of small pieces. “The more I enter the stage, the more I want to stand alone in it. He also expresses his desire to be recognized as ‘musical actor Ryeok’ rather than ‘singer Ryeok’.

“There are Super Junior fans and musical fans in the audience. I do not have the burden of being a ‘musical actor’ and having to do my best. I thank you for telling me that you are good at a little bit, but I hope that there will be many people coming to the theater to see the musical actor Ryeok. I played one time in Japan, but I came to Korea and watched the script every day. ”

The members who are members of the 15th year group at the peak of the Korean Wave, have been recognized as a solo singer … Nevertheless, Ryeok was constantly looking for a place to fill.

Rye-wook is a super Junioron that day, and I look back on 14 years of time.

“There was a lot of work. It was the first time for the Idol group to open a solo concert on the World Tour and set up many new records. ‘Sorry Sorry’, Fandom, I think I was right on the third shot. I am thankful that I have been the driving force for my activities so far. I am happy to be proud of my juniors who are working hard abroad. ”

Personal change is also great. The sense of responsibility also grew and the feelings about the members grew.

“It is the biggest change that many people have to take responsibility for. In the past, it was not great. I took it for granted. Now I do not think that’s a natural thing. I want to send a letter and a voice to you first, but I also send a ‘voice character’ … Every time he calls them, they call him “Emotional Ryeok”. ”

He respects each other’s opinions even though he is a strong member,”he says. With the release of the member Kyuhyun last 7 days, ‘Become a member of the military school’, the expectation for the release of Super Junior Full Album is getting bigger.

“I think it is the color of Super Junior that respects and accepts all opinions. Members have no preconceived notions about each other. It’s a personality that keeps all possibilities open, so I was not limited to one genre, but I was able to do various kinds of music, from dance, ballad, rock, EDM, trot. So if you listen to Super Junior’s regular album, you can listen to various genres of music and have fun. (Laugh) ”

“Kyu-hyun said that he was running hard and running out. And I am proud of “I’m okay?” Everyone is expecting a regular album. I plan to release a full album in the second half of the year and do an event or tour. Everyone is too busy to give up and adjust so that they can be together. Please expect. “For fans who have been together for 14 years, Ryeok has something to say.

“Sometimes I get exhausted from daily life and forget some of them. Still, I sometimes want to come back and relax the stress when I think about it or have a performance or a stage. I want to be a side to support the life of the fans. The same age ‘sports tendency’ also cheer together! ”

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