Seulgi chose the girl group dance new dance king.

On the 28th, MBC Everyone ‘Weekly Idol’ recently appeared as a guest, Summer Queen Red Velvet, who made a comeback with the new song ‘Sonic Sound Wave’.

Red Velvet held a ‘Comeback Press Conference’. Nam Chang-hee asked Seulgi, “Mr. Boa picked Yunoyunho, Taemin and Seulgi as SM three dancers. Is it true?” Seulgi responded, “gloriously true.”

Nam Chang-hee asked, “Who is the girl group dance god dance king that I recognize?” Seulgi said, “Too many. Lisa, Cheongha and Twice’s Momo are so good. I’m also good at Chae Yeon of Aizu One. There are too many to talk about.” Joey laughed, saying, “I already talked.”

Seulgi asked what is the point of his dance charm, “I wonder if it is a dance.”

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