The Red Velvet 2nd Concert [REDMARE] was held at the NEW JERSEY PERFORMING ARTS CENTER in Newark, New York, on Dec. 17, 2005, This spectacular concert captures the attention of local audiences perfectly.

Red Velvet is the third mini-album title song ‘Russian Roulette.’ The Red Velvet has powerful performances such as ‘Happiness’, ‘Rookie’, ‘Red Taste’, ‘Pikabu’, ‘Power Up’

This stunning hit song parade has been heated up the atmosphere of the performing arts, and it has 20 different performances ranging from ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘RBB (Really Bad Boy)’ to English fans for local fans. I filled up my running time and got an explosive response.

“It was a challenging and meaningful time for us, and I am really grateful to have filled this time together. Thanks to you, I was able to do well “,” I remember the memories I made while doing concerts in the United States. I love you, “” Thank you for your strength and I was happy. I feel like I will not forget it in the future. ”

In addition, the audience cheered the names of the members throughout the performance, not only gave warm applause and cheers, but also actively enjoyed performances such as showcasing Taechang and Cheongwon.

Also, Card events also unfolded to impress the members.

On the other hand, Red Velvet will continue the tour of North America tour at COCA-COLA COLISEUM, Toronto, Canada.

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