RBW group won first show Earth (ONEUS) 1 final debut Jan. 9, and the first personal show in 2019 sorties group.

The agency RBW said, “ShinEye Boy Group One Earth (ONEUS) will announce its debut album” LIGHT US “on Jan. 9, making its debut in the music industry. The debut project” debut ” (ONEUS), who is preparing to make his debut in the new year in 2019. ”

ONEUS is a six-member group consisting of RAVN (Raven), West Lake, Ido, Kunihei, Hwanwoong, and Zion, which means “US made with the power of ONE” , ‘We (US) gather together to make the world of ONE (ONE)’.

ONEUS, known as a versatile talented group of performances, singing skills, visuals, lyrics, and composing ability, is a boy group that RBW launched for the first time, I will. Previously, ONEUS has made a total of six performances and bus kings through the debut project ‘I will debut’, and I have improved my skills through practice.

His debut album ‘LIGHT US’ is an album that announces the full-fledged start of One Earth, and is expected to be able to meet the colorful charms of WON Earth.

In addition, the reality program OleTV TV Mobile Reality ‘Practitioner Real Life debut’, MBC music ‘charge project per! And the store ‘s brother is in sales. “In September, he released his latest song” LAST SONG “with his brothers, and revealed his love for fans.

Meanwhile, ONEUS will release its debut album “LIGHT US” on Jan. 9, next year.

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