‘Welcome 2Life’ Jung Ji Hoon and Lim Ji Yeon cooperate with each other in the real world and the parallel world.

On May 5, MBC’s new monthly drama ‘Welcome 2 Life’ will debut. It is a romantic comedy ritual that the evil lawyer who sued his own gain sucked into the parallel world by accident and stood firmly and opened the gaggwaeon. Ji Jung-hoon, Lim Ji-yeon, Kwak Si-yang, Son Byeong-ho, Han Sang-jin, Kim Joong-gi, and Choi Phillip are starring. Kim Soon-yeon, directed by Kim Geun-hong of ‘Sounding Woman’, ‘Queen Seondeok’, ‘Isan’, and ‘Jumong’ and wrote ‘The Son of the Rich’, was united. Kim Geun-hong PD at the production presentation held at Sangam MBC in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 5th, “Two words come to mind. It’s a life reset project.

It’s a question mark drama, midnight drama. “It’s fun and fun, and at some point I feel like it’s going to be a midnight, cleansing. Jung Ji-hoon played the evil lawyer Jae-sang Lee, who was sucked into another parallel world in a moment and lived his second life as a stern prosecutor. Lim Ji-yeon is a powerful squad detective, one-time detective Lazion. In the real world, he is the old girl of Lee Jae – sang (Jung – hoon) but in the parallel world Lee is a lovely wife and mother of a child. The two were ex-lovers who had broken up in the real world, but in a parallel world, they play a dripping couple who makes a happy family with their daughter, Lee Sua (Ivona).

“The first is a lawyer for money and honor, and another is a test of justice in another world.” In a nutshell, our drama is a multi-player with a crime thriller action and romantic comedy. It is a drama that can be seen lightly and enjoyably. It is difficult to express the character, but I am making every effort to make the best of it with the heart that I make pottery with the director. ”

“I made my debut as the first drama on KBS in 2003. I worked at other broadcasting companies and I worked with MBC staff and my boss for the first time and I did not know how to get along with MBC so well. I wanted to change even one of the simple expressions that I did not have, and I have consistently discussed with my bishop, I think it is a very tough role to play such as a lawyer, a prosecutor, a dad of a child, and a single, but the director and the actors are so good that I take a hard shot. Lim Ji-yeon, “In the present world, it is a criminal behaviorist rather than a man. It is a bright and loving positive working mam as a man’s wife and child’s mother in the parallel world. I want to bring it. ”

“It’s the first time I’ve been in action and I’m a good detective, and I was worried about it, but the boss gave me a lot of detail, and I did it all the best I can. I have a lot of talks with my bishop about the style, and now I have a good idea that my long hair is awkward. Kwak Si-Yang appears as a senior and partner driver of LaSion. It is the relief of the homecoming belonging to the police station such as the delay, and it has the nickname of ‘gongbil’ (fiery nature), but it is the owner of the character who is full of knowing. Kwak Si-yang said, “In reality, it is not like fireworks, but on the other hand, it is similar to Kidari’s uncle who does not confess to his favorite people and looks away. It is similar to the side that slowly solves the work one by one, “he said, referring to the sync rate with the character. Regarding the breathing with the actors, “Jeong Ji-hoon helps you play like a brother. You can play comfortably. Lim Ji-yeon is not in our drama team and it is very different. “I mentioned Chemie with the actors.

Son Byeong-ho plays the role of the president of Platinum Construction, the largest company in Segyeong City, and does not hesitate to do various bad acts for wealth and power. Han Sang-jin played the role of Kang Yun-ki, a law firm who was a star prosecutor at Sekyung District Office. In the parallel world, Lee Jae-sang and his right arm, but in the parallel world is the enemy of water and oil. Sohn Byeong-ho said, “I am also a villain, and I am in charge of evil, I always face the moment of choice, and I always show up at that moment, will I choose me or win me? “I’m looking forward to seeing you as a smirk character, and I’m looking forward to seeing you.” I would like to focus on the fact that my father, who has a son who is a bit like me, and who has the same son as me, is going to change and lead this child. It seems to be. ” Han Sang-jin said, “I told the director that he was an antagonist, and I wanted to make a character faithful to his instinct like a tiger.

“12 years ago when I received a rookie award at MBC, I was with director Kim Geun-hong. I thought about returning to the heart of the rookie, I thought I would show the villain more viciously and viciously. There is an incident in the work, but it is a family story. I thought it was a moving character for the family and for the things to be kept. I will do my best to be as vicious and vicious as possible. ”

Welcome 2 Life will air on August 5th at 8:55 pm.

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