In KBS 2TV’s’New Release Edition’ (hereinafter referred to as’Edition Restaurant’) aired on the 11th, the story of the chefs Ryu Soo-young, Yoo-ri Lee, and Jae-won Kim, who participated in the 19th menu confrontation with the theme of’Cheese’, were drawn.

On this day, Ryu Soo-young, as usual, sought ingredients to make’French Toast’ as a snack for the production crew. Instead of bread, he took out frozen tofu from the freezer, sliced ​​the frozen tofu like bread, and dipped in egg water to make low-carb, high-protein French toast. I added the flavor with sweet condensed milk and cinnamon powder, and topped with Parmagiano Reziano cheese to finish the Hwaryongjeom.

Afterwards, the production crew who tasted it said, “It doesn’t taste like tofu” and “It’s really delicious like bread.” MC Do Gyeong-wan also said, “I have to make it,” and actually drew attention by releasing a video of making tofu French toast at home with his son Yeon-woo, daughter Ha-young, and lovely Tocom.

In particular, Ryu Soo-young even made a rice cooker cheesecake for the youngest artist who celebrated her birthday on the day of filming, and impressed. The savory cheese dough made with yolks and meringues blasted off a baking show that attracted attention.

Second, Lee Yoo-ri laughed as she congratulated her last victory. After eating three kinds of sunflower seed cheese, layered cheese, and black cheese, which were given to the cheese maker, he said, “I found a honey combination that matches the cheese,” and revealed the red fish and old paper, which was amazed. Unlike those who watch, Lee Yoo-ri said, “It’s really delicious. If you like skate, I hope you will try it.”

Later, he started making large-scale mozzarella cheese made from 32,000ml of milk in the yard. Everyone was surprised when he made a chunk of raw cheese separated from the whey. Lee Yoo-ri tasted the cheese she tasted, saying that it was “a savory soft tofu taste.”

In addition, at the end of the year, they were admired by introducing a scale that makes homemade cheese with 32 liters of milk for special guests. The first guest was singer Hwang Chi-yeol. Lee Yoo-ri laughed by showing the shape of a note made for Hwang Chi-Yeol and the King’s Cookie. While admiring Hwang Chi-yeol, who tasted the taste, Lee Yoo-ri said, “There is something I really wanted to do because Mr. Hwang Chi-yeol was coming.”

Actually, Lee Yoo-ri sings the OST three times, and she likes to sing a lot. I wanted to learn to sing properly Huang keen on this occasion was the music selection IU classic ‘nag’. The ‘side Stoke ditch’ family spent cheering saying “bukae” Glass Eye “. The Lee Yoo-ri is “wonak liked Mr. IU hate to impose,” he said “IU ~ Lee is not ‘Oh! “Please do it with Lee Yoo-ri,” he gave a big smile.

Since the sulfur fierce accompaniment ‘child free’ is both attractive to the voice of Lee Yoo-ri’ll start singing and admired. Hwang Chi-Yeol’s one-point lesson was added, and his skill was upgraded. Yoo Lee’s successful debut stage was completed.

Lastly, Kim Jae-won presented a feeling of gratitude as he challenged the defeat of the first three chapters of his life with Taekwon boy Lee Jun-i. Afterwards, Kim Jae-won prepared Jeju cheese pork cutlet for his son along with dad’s stamina for rejuvenation after exercise, rice using sheep (beef intestines) for breakfast. Da-young, a space girl who saw the all-purpose sauce and red pork cutlet from the famous gopchang restaurant, expressed expectations, saying, “I hope it comes out in milk kit.”

Afterwards, the rich man Kim Jae-won headed to the mart to purchase the ingredients necessary for developing the cheese menu, and Lee Jun-i meticulously explained the food compatibility by examining the ingredients, causing a happy smile with his father Kim Jae-won’s role as assistant chef. Also, everyone couldn’t hide their happy smiles due to the clever errands that my father had given me.

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