The ‘Running Man’ of SBS entertainment program are getting the best popular in Asia, Vietnam entered the plates taken from the site since the end of January.

The programming will be broadcast at 7:30 pm (local time) every Saturday from April 6th through HTV7, the most watched terrestrial TV channel in Vietnam.

Among the performers are actress and singer Ngo Kien Huy (male), actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc (female), actress and singer Tran Thanh (male), Vietnamese top star of the show, , Actress and singer Jun Pham (male), comedian BB Tran (male), actor and singer Truong The Vinh (male), actress Lien Binh Phat, male ) And the casting of the studded celebrity legion was confirmed.

They are recognized as the most popular entertainers in their respective fields, and their casting news alone has become a big topic.

SBS, who had a great reception in Vietnam as a sole host of Korean A-League finals in the AFF Suzuki Cup finals, officially asked Park Hwan-seo, who became a Vietnamese national hero as a new national hero, as a special guest. It is highly likely to be concluded after the Asian Cup.

The Vietnamese version of ‘Running Man’ is also aiming to create a customized high quality program by collaborating with Korean ‘Running Man’ original directing staff and Vietnamese staffs in order to benefit from the experience of making Chinese version ‘Running Man’ .

“Vietnamese viewers really like the Korean entertainment program, and I am willing to catch their hearts by creating an attractive ‘Running Man,’ which meets their expectations.” The smallest PDI is veteran PD who participated in co-production of Korean running man as well as Korean running man.

Yoon Sang-Sup, head co-producer of Vietnam co-production company Lime Entertainment, said, “We have already succeeded in the child-rearing program ‘Oh My Baby’ before SBS and have accumulated local know-how.

The production of ‘Running Man’ is sponsored by leading Korean companies that have entered Vietnam. Officials are eagerly anticipating that this will be a success story that introduces the company’s products and brands naturally through the localized Korean Wave content.

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