At the ‘2020 SBS Entertainment Awards’, which was broadcast live on the afternoon of the 19th,’Trossine Outing’ and’Plaza of Goodness’ received the program excellence award.

‘Trotshin Outing’ PD Choi Min-hyung said, “We started with the intent to introduce Trot to the world, but we are grateful to the six Trotshins for their efforts. It was an honor to be together at that moment.” said.

PD Lee Gwan-won of’Plaza of Goodness’ said, “I am grateful for a good prize in a meaningful place. Thanks to the support of the viewers, I was able to be loved.” He said, “I wish you delicious food in the square next year.”

On the other hand, the ‘2020 SBS Entertainment Awards’ was composed of the theme of’connection’ that encompasses all generations in celebration of the 30th anniversary of SBS. SBS entertainment program aired this year was’Bronze Dream 2-You are my destiny’,’Trotssin’,’Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’,’Plaza of Taste’,’The Law of the Jungle’,’The Butler’,’Running Man’ ,’My ugly baby’,’Burning youth’, etc.

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