On that day, Namkyung-eup headed for the shooting site early. He did not put a script on his hand and laughed, “I keep getting NG because of me and I become dynamic. The scene is like a battlefield.”

With his diligent sincerity arriving at the script practice an hour earlier, junior actor Shim Eun-jin said, “When I see myself working hard, I see my juniors next to me and I do it like I do.” After uninterrupted practice, he was able to shoot. “I realized that I have been acting for more than 40 years, so the audience is happy as hard as the actor is. Talked.

Nanjing-eup operates its own institute and strives to foster disciples. He has trained more than 4,000 disciples for over 40 years in the Keonwon herald, Dankook University, and the musical academy. But he also had painful trials. He said, “My partner has been playing around and my destiny has changed very hard from there,” he said. “I also made extreme thoughts.

At the same time, he gained strength from the four thousand disciples he had raised. Namkyung-eup said, “A lot of graduates go to good schools and become good actors, and they are doing a lot of activities. Education is a business.

The disciple Yoo-jin said, “When I complimented you with a loud voice, my self-esteem increased. I feel like I can stand on the stage. Onara also said, “I’m greedy, but there’s a teacher’s voice. That’s what stimulates me and helps me.”

Nanjing-eup is famous for his brother Namkyung-ju and his musical brothers. The brothers are alumni of Seoul National University. My brother Nam Kyung-ju gave up his major in art and chose musicals because of his brother’s influence. Nam Kyung-ju recalled, “When I went to see him, I think the cool look of him on the stage attracted me more.” The brothers went on stage together in 1995, and have since staged more than 10 works together. Namkyung-eup trembled, saying, “I thought I would cut my meal later.”

Nam Kyung-eup and Nam Gyeong-ju put their stories on stage. “We made up the story of the brother and asked the writer to write it, and it’s nice to feel that it can be exported overseas.”

On the other hand, my brother Nam Kyung-ju persuaded my mother to be a musical actor. Namkyung-eup added, “My mother sighed that it’s not possible to have two clowns in one house.

Namkyung-eup went on a memory trip with her only daughter on holiday. Namkyung-eup grew wealthy under his father, who ran a pharmacy in Mungyeong, Gyeongbuk, but moved to Seoul as if he had been chased by his father’s business failure. In a single room in Heukseok-dong, Seoul, his family had to survive difficult times. My mother supported my brothers and sisters while selling fish at the market and became the best supporter to support my son until the moment I closed my eyes.

Namgyeong-eup looked around the market, where his mother was selling, with his daughter. “When I grabbed my mother’s hand, it was hard to touch the hand that was pierced by fish thorns and the blue hand that caught the statue.” Yet, “Mother always said, ‘Men should do what they want to do is the most wonderful life.’ He said, ‘Please learn by staying with you’ without hesitation for one second.”

The only daughter in Namgyeong-eup has been following her father. Namkyung-eup, “I only see the shortcomings of her daughter’s acting in my eyes,” but she is silently observing her and cheering. The daughter confessed, “Who’s daughter was following the tag, but of course there was a pressure to do well. She monitored her daughter preparing for the audition and cheered with acting advice and empathy. “I wish I could be an actor who could use my own skills.”

Namgyeong-eup said, “I thought that I would like to make a mono musical on stage when I lived as a human Namkyung-eup and an actor Namgyeong-eup, and what I felt as a teacher.” Said.

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