In the SBS drama’Penthouse’, which aired on the 22nd, Oh Yoon-hee (Yujin) recalled all the truths about the death of Min Seol-ah (Jo Su-min), but began to blacken. 

On this day, Oh Yoon-hee recalled the night when Min Seol-ah died. At the time, Oh Yoon-hee visited Hera Palace after drinking alcohol when her daughter, Barona, was on the verge of dropping out of the Cheong-A Preliminary High School entrance exam as a preliminary number 1. Ha Yun-cheol, who saw this appearance, stopped it. However, Oh Yoon-hee was runaway and went up to Hera Palace.

Meanwhile, Min Seol-ah was chased by Ha Eun-byul and fell off the stairs. When he got up, Eunbyul Ha ran to hide his body. Then I met Oh Yoon-hee. Min Seol-ah asked for help, saying that the people of Hera Palace were trying to kill him. Oh Yoon-hee tried to escape with Min-seol-ah, but Min-seol-ah said he had to find a cell phone and went back to Hera Palace. 

In the meantime, Min Seol-ah met Dan-tae Ju (Um Gi-jun) and was strangled on the 47th floor and was in danger of falling on the railing. Oh Yoon-hee witnessed this and broke the flowerpot while trying to avoid her body. When Ju Dan-tae heard the sound of the broken flowerpot, he hid himself behind Min-seol-ah. 

When Minseol-ah looked at Oh Yoon-hee, she said, “Did the aunty save me?” At that time, Oh Yoon-hee grabbed Min Seol-ah and threw it on the 47th floor. Oh Yoon-hee said, “Without you, our Rona can pass.” In the end, Min Seol-ah fell under Hera Palace, and Oh Yoon-hee, surprised, quickly exited Hera Palace. Oh Yoon-hee, who drank a lot of alcohol, heard of Barona’s acceptance the next morning. 

Oh Yoon-hee, who faced all the truth, was fierce, but looked at Bae Rona again and made up her mind again. Oh Yoon-hee destroyed the evidence by burning all the clothes that Min Seol-ah wore the night Seol-ah died and her apple necklace. 

On this day, Shim Su-ryun (Lee Ji-ah) learned that Joo Dan-tae reported the death of her daughter Joo Hye-in (Na So-ye) and interfered with the fact that he was trying to sign a contract with Logan Lee. Shim Su-ryun showed Joo Hye-in in front of Ju Dan-tae, and Logan Lee (Park Eun-seok), who saw this, showed signs of breaking the contract.  

Shim Su-ryun called Oh Yoon-hee, but Oh Yoon-hee did not answer the phone. Shim Su-ryun entered Ju Dan-tae’s study. Seo-jin Cheon asked Dan-tae Ju, “We haven’t yet explained that we were with Oh Yoon-hee at the villa.” Dan-tae Ju said, “Logan Lee wants her. Me too.” Seojin Cheon warned, “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but keep in mind. I decide our relationship. I do everything we meet and break up.” 

Ha Yun-cheol said to Seo-jin Cheon, “I have been appointed,” and said, “I am working as the director of the Cheong-A Medical Center. I think I should tell you about it.” Ha Yun-cheol said, “The day before my father returned, my father entrusted me with the Chung-A Medical Center. Thank you in advance. Chairman Seo-jin Cheon.” Chun Seo-jin was fed up with “a leech-like man.” 

Chun Seo-jin received a video from someone on the way to see a lawyer. The video was taken of Cheon Seo-jin the day Chun Myung-soo died. Chun Seo-jin began to tremble in fear, saying, “Who the hell is.” 

On this day, Dan-tae Ju was angry at Shim Su-ryun, who disturbed him, and strangled him, saying, “You must be punished.” Shim Su-ryun struck Joo Dan-tae’s head strangled by her neck. 

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