The boy group’s 7th mini album is packed with a total of a total of 5 tracks titled “Green Frog”, “Just Do It Yo!”, “Skateboard”, “When It Rains At Night”, and “Thumbs Up!”. The audio snippet allows fans to hear the key parts of the new tunes.

PENTAGON has now released their track list for “Thumbs Up!”

The group’s new title track “Green Frog” (working title) was composed by Flow Blow with members Hui and E’Dawn. It features lyrics by E’Dawn, Hui, Yuto, and Wooseok.

Hui and Shinwon also co-composed “Just Do It Yo!!” and Hui has a co-composer credit on the song “Thumbs Up!” Kino worked on the composition of “Skateboard” and “When It Rains at Night”

‘Thumbs Up’ will be fully released on September 10. Meanwhile, listen to the audio snippet!

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