IDOLCHAMP, a participatory mobile idle app, will be available for two weeks starting on May 17, Looking for a fairy furry ~ Idol is a charming point? The vote was made on the theme.

Usually I prefer the teeth I choose, but the idol with the charm of the martial arts is also attractive to the shy lock. Thanks to the slippery glimpse of laughter, the cuteness doubles. The more they see, the more they will smile as they smile.

Who is there idol who appeals to the cute charm that can be a compose and can appeal to a compose and fascinates the fatal fruit juice even without correction? Fans have chosen the idol that makes a unique charm in the pussy and falls into hell-like virtues.

The top of the slippery fairy, which is a glamorous point to look at when laughing, was won by Park Woo-jin of AB6IX. Park won the No. 1 spot with a staggering 61.57% of competitors.

Park Woo-jin, who became a member of Warner One who took the 6th place in the ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, got the nickname ‘Pugnai Kingdom’, ‘Prince Puttney’, and ‘Pak Budney’. Park Woo-jin, the owner of a lovely smile, lit up the fan-center with a murderous pantry revealed when laughing. Here, he has a cheerful laugh, a playful smile, and a bright personality.

Park Woo-jin, who plays the heart of his sister’s fans with a ponytail, made his official debut on May 22, 2019 with the five-member boy group AB6IX of Brand New Music after finishing a year and a half of Warner’s circle activity. AB6IX is a talented idol whose members make their own productions and choreography. Park is the main dancer who has excellent choreography ability and is holding the center of the team.

In addition to Park Woo-jin, several idols have been named in the “Snoopy Fairy” vote. Infinite Nam-hyun was second with 22.02% and missed first place. In addition, Super Junior Lee Teuk was third with 6.43%, followed by his girlfriend Galaxy (5.47%) and Shiny Key (3.08%) respectively.

Meanwhile, in June, it said it would investigate the preference of IT / electronic device idol models for a month. In the smartphone segment, Bae Jin-young, NCT in the notebook sector, and New East Aaron in the tablet segment are at the top.

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