Park Woo-jin released his pictorial photos before his AB6IX debut.

Park, who is different from the chic appearance on the stage, has a charming look with a cute expression and finished his picture. “It’s cute and sporty makeup. I found a new look with this beauty picture. ”

Park Woo-jin, who is making his debut on the 22nd, expressed his nervousness when he was preparing for the AB6IX debut showcase. “The debut showcase marks AB6IX for the first time. I have been practicing countless times to satisfy my expectations. I appreciate dance and rap skills, and I want to tell more people about ‘Park Woojin’. ”

He wrote the lyrics of the title song ‘BREATHE’ and said, “I wrote the lyrics based on the frustrating feelings I felt when I was alone in the practice room, when my choreography was not working well, I want to show my ability to grow as a rapper. ”

Regarding the SBS ‘Jungle’s Law in Roast Jungle’ on the show, “I was hungry and hungry just as expected, but I was sad to leave on the last day. I have been shy and anxious because I have not been able to open my head since my debut. ”

As a senior producer, I also gave warm support to Mnet ‘Produce X 101’ trainees. “My first rating on the broadcast is 72. I was desperate for a lower rank than I thought, but I did not give up on my mind to try it. I am sure that there will be a frustrated and self-defeating trainee like me in the past, but do not give up. Do not give up is a way to grow, and a steady effort is the key to success. ”

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