Park Soo – dam is the second daughter of the family ‘Song Taek’ (Song Gang – ho) who is the biggest family in the family, from the movie ‘Parasite’ (director Bong Joon – ho) released on May 30. With the help of my brother ‘Gyuu’ (best wisdom), I get an interview with an art tutor, and it comes to my mind as a second hope for a family with a fixed income.

If there was a document forgery department at Seoul National University, ‘Nijeong’, which has a good Photoshop skill that has made a senior entrance, has a technique of holding a simple wife ‘Kyojyo’. Park Sook-hee, who said that his brother, Gyu, who is lacking enough to take care of himself like his younger brother, resembles himself in a real way, “I was at school and when I was in school, it was not a character looking at what others are doing. I had to take care of my younger siblings since I was a child, so it was not difficult to play the role of ‘honesty’.

I read the scenario of ‘Parasite’ for the first time and I got the feeling ‘Coach Bong Joon Ho already knows me well’. Park So-hee said, “I thought that the scenario was really well read. As I was my character, I had to concentrate more on”

When I received the suggestion of ‘Parasite’, Park Soo-dam was in a slump, not a slump. After watching the movie ‘The Black Priests’ (2015), I was able to take a single moment without hesitation. When I suddenly heard that I was exhausted, I did not want to meet anyone. I did not even have an agency. When I wanted to hide more, I got contact with Bong Joon-ho.

Park Sook-hee said, “I have not been able to contact you at first, I think I was in a state that I was completely unacceptable.”

Bong Joon-ho’s direct meeting with the director’s feelings fell. “I really want to do it, but if I do not get back to you, I have a lot of worries about it,” said Park So-hee. “I did not contact Bong Joon Ho for two months after receiving my first proposal. Did you? ‘ I was so excited to go to the movies, and I was told that I had a child at that time when I came to contact the director, and he told me that he was uneasy and he was busy writing the script.

The relationship between Bong Joon-ho and Park Sang-dam is not the first to be a parasite. Park Soo-dam has released a story about his audition for Bong Joon-ho’s previous film ‘Jade’ (2017). Director Bong Joon-ho, who has seen a picture of Park Sook-dam, has posted Park Sang-dam as a candidate for ‘Oja’ heroine ‘Mija’.

Park So-hee said, “I decided to watch the audition for the role of Mi-Ro, but when I called him up, I was quite old and I was auditioned for twenty-five and when I opened the movie it was twenty-six. When I saw a picture, I said, ‘I think I will be able to have 10,’ but when I saw me, I thought I would not be able to make a mistake. ‘Haha, because I met you, I chatted for an hour and a half, I said.

Park Sang-dam, who had a thirst for acting after an intense character imprinted with ‘black priests’. He laughed it was resolved without a source that thirst as ‘parasites’ gatdamyeo “he’s too happy to believe the work could comfortably fall smoke,” she said brightly.

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