Salt Entertainment said, “Park Shin-hye will be participating as a presenter for ‘Humayunimaru’ on the 6th.” I would like to have a lot of interest and support for Park Shin-hye actor who will participate in the documentary and deliver information as a presenter. ”

Humane will contain the epic of life, death and coexistence of human and animal around the world. For the pleasure and interests, we will broadcast three stories about the people who kill animals and those who are struggling to protect them from them.

Park Shin-hye is not just a narrator, but participates as a presenter who accompanies shooting, which is the core of all overseas shooting. He shows the scene of the power struggle and coexistence of human beings and animals that they have seen and experienced as a first-person observer’s point of view, and foresaw the action with a voice penetrating the documentary.

‘Humayunmul’ is a documentary featuring MBC ‘Antarctic Tears’, ‘Amazon’s Tears’ and ‘Bear’ by Kim Jin-man and Kim Hyun-ki PD Division in 2019 MBC Incorporated special documentary documenting full-size UHD + HDR technology It will be produced for more than a year with the most advanced photography techniques.

“Humongnimul” production team said, “It is the first time that a star such as Park Shin-hye is accompanied by an overseas shooting scene of a large nature documentary.” “Through various works, we have shown warm emotions and soft, Park Shin Hye’s participation will be the best collaboration that can convey the sensitivity of human beings, nature and life to the public. ”

On the other hand, ‘HUMMYMILLE’, which Park Shin-hye participates as a presenter, is scheduled to be broadcasted for the first time in December. Park Shin-Hye recently confirmed the appearance of the film ‘# ALONE’.

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