Han Suk-kyu, who had deteriorated in ‘Roman Doctor Dr. Kim Sabu 2’, finally fainted. Will Ahn Hyo-sub save?

Park Min-guk (Kim Joon-hun) in the SBS TV drama ‘Romation Doctor Kim Sabu Season 2’ broadcasted on 4th I was shaken, my weakness in front of shock and fear was more than any life force, and the cowardly willingness to live was stronger than any belief, so I ran away to live, and he was left to live. ‘ I remembered when I was at the same accident scene.

Park Min-guk stayed on the bus and tried to save the patients.

Meanwhile, Woojin (Ahn Hyo-seop) appeared and cardiopulmonary resuscitation instead of Kim Sabu, who had severe pain in his hands. The patients shouted urgently, “Please help me.” Park Min-guk also appeared at the scene and gave first aid. 

Under Kim’s direction, the patients were arranged one by one. First, Woojin was taken to the hospital from pregnant women. Park Min-kuk chose a conscious patient, and Eun-jae shouted in front of the unconscious patient saying, “I’m giving up on this patient.” Kim said he would pick up from the bus and started the move with the risk of taking risks. Park Min-guk decided to save only one patient, but Kim Sa-Boo was caught by Park Min-guk, saying, “Everybody is alive and both are alive.” 

Under urgent circumstances, he decided to lift the overturned bus vehicle as directed by Kim. Kim succeeded in saving the two patients as judged, and only after he was transferred to the hospital, Kim escaped from the bus. Park Min-kook again raised his qualifications that his judgment was wrong. 

Kim entered the surgery house with a poor body. Park Min-guk, who confirmed that Kim’s name was raised in the house, was shocked, saying, “With the body, even the surgery house.” 

At the hospital, Woojin performed a maternal operation and took the child out of her stomach through a cesarean section. But the life of the fetus and mother was in crisis. Fortunately, the child was crying and told that he was alive. I was thrilled by the child’s crying in the hospital. In addition, Woojin saved his mother’s life. The mother and baby saved their lives together. 

While Yun-Ae (Su-Joon-Min) identified the patient who was the cause of the abalone car, she found that the spleen was damaged by the sexual assault. The beautiful victim recovered evidence of sexual assault and attempted to deliver it to the police officers in police uniforms. Beautiful decided to interview the police and the victim without any doubt. 

But other police came into the hospital saying that the car was late because of a traffic jam. It turns out they were real cop. Park Eun-tak (Kim Min-jae) was anxious to find out that the beautiful police officer was a fake police officer. In a beautiful emergency, hot water was poured on the perpetrator and escaped. Finally, Eun-tak, who had been looking for beautiful, appeared to fight with the criminal and succeeded in arresting him on the spot. 

Kim took over the surgery, but suddenly the hand in question did not move. Because the condition of the carpal tunnel syndrome became serious. Woojin immediately noticed this and worried Kim. Kim squeezed his hands again and again, and was able to move his hands again. Yang Joon, who was watching from the side, told Park Min-guk that the situation was worse than he thought. 

Park Min-guk met with Kim Sa-boo who had the surgery. Park Min-guk was angry with Kim Sa-boo, saying, “Is it fun?” When Park Min-guk mentioned the accident 11 years ago, Kim said I don’t remember you, “he said. No responsibility, miserable and terrible urgency, no one can blame you for fleeing to live in Abyss rules. 

Meanwhile, Kim, who was taking a break, suddenly fell. The condition is worse. Woojin, who was passing by, witnessed this and tried to open the locked door. Woojin opened the door in search of the key and started the first aid of Kim Sabu who fell. 

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