‘Miu bird’ Park Hyung-sik said that the age of the person he loves does not matter.

Actor Park Hyung-sik appeared as a special MC in the SBS entertainment program “Ugly Woof” which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 12th.

On the day, Seo Janghoon told Park Hyung Sik, “I was told that the association was attracted. Why? ” Shin Dong-yup also wondered, “Is there a younger woman than her mother or a specific standard?”

Park Hyung-sik said,” I did not think about it, but it seems important. “” I wish I was younger than my mother. ” “If you really love, it does not matter how old you are”. Seo Jang-hun turned his target and asked his mother, “Do you intend to meet your younger brother in the next life?” Park said, “My husband is like a child even though I am 3 years old now. What if I am younger? ”

On the other hand, Tonyan’s mother said, “My younger sister is good.” “I am 20 years younger. Seo Jang-hoon is now a few years old. ” Seo Jang-hoon waved and said, “I am not a few years old from Tony. I did not eat much older than I thought. ” Shin Dong-yeop said, “Why do you play such a wall?”

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