According to the broadcasting schedule on the 3rd, Park Han – hee was cast on Yun – Mari, the main character of MBC ‘s new weekend drama’ I love you when I’m sad ‘(play song Jungrim, DK E & M).

It is a work that draws the melody of the man who chases after the woman who is chased, and the man who hides it when it is “when I am sad”.

Yun, who is acted by Park Han-hee, is a person living with all sorts of injuries due to her father’s accident, her mother’s alcoholic dementia, and her husband’s violence. It is a character who falls in love with the plastic surgeon who is encountered in the moment of despair.

Actor Ji Hyun-woo is on the final stage of training at On Ji-sung station. ‘I love you when you are sad’ is attracting attention as a remake of ‘Beautiful People’ by Nojima Shinji, who was aired on TBS in 1999.

DK E & M, a maker, is in the midst of preparing for the broadcast in February next year after purchasing the rights to the book through consultation with TBS. Park Han-bum is expected to return to the anbang theater after a year and two months after the MBC entertainment drama “Vogue Mam”

Park Han-hee said that after marriage and childbirth, he has thoroughly managed self-management and has been returning. In recent years, Lee Bo-young, Choi Kang-hee, Ryu Soo-young, Kim Seo-hyung and other famous actors signed a contract with fly-up entertainment that belongs to them, revealing their willingness to resume their activities.

It is noteworthy how she will meet with viewers again as she becomes a star as an actor, crossing the screen and screen for many years.

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