Ong Seong Woo will be the first overseas fan meeting tour ‘ONG SEONG WU 1st Fanmeeting Tour’ Eternity ‘(Ongan Sungwoo 1st fan meeting tour’ ‘Eternity’ ‘) from Bangkok, Thailand on March 16th through Malaysia and finally to Singapore, I met Asian fans.

Like the title of ‘Eternity’ fan meeting, which means the unchanging eternity of the fans and fans in the flowing time, Ong Woong always gave time of emotions and sympathy to the fans who love and cheer their fans regardless of their nationality and age.

Ong sung Sungwoo ‘s fan meeting held in Singapore’ s Jeff @ BigBox on the 6th was in the heat of the fans. Starting with a straight talk that started with a straight talk, I answered all my questions with my heart and I am happy to answer my questions. I also have memories of singing, dancing, surprise events, and self – cams.

Among these, Ong Sung Woo ‘s solo stage heightened the atmosphere of fan meeting. The fans responded with a lavish response to the ‘Treasure’, a colorful dancing show, and Onong Sung Woo, a sweet ballad stage with a compelling voice. Following the start of ‘That’s What I Like’ by Bruno Mars, who was shown in the ‘Producer 101′ rating of the first company, which announced the start of the death penalty man Sungwoo, the chairman was filled with hot air by fans who cheered even more.

Singaporean fans’ love for Sung Woo also attracted attention. Onong Sung-woo’s face was overwhelmed with the message of fans who had a video and love that had been made since Deong Sung-woo’s debut, and the fans of the venue sang the card section event ‘ I prepared a moment and gave him another moment that I will never forget.

After finishing the fan meeting, Ong Woo said, “I feel very strong because I have people who support me in the same way. It is the most precious time for me to meet you and spend such a happy time, and I am glad that I can be together like this. Thank you, “he said.” I will go wherever you are and I will go all the way I can, including singing, dancing and acting. And it seems that it is because of your presence. Thank you very much. And I love you. “Said a fan meeting.

After the fan meeting, I finished the concert with high touch and memorial photography taking my heart to the end.

He also interviewed local media such as MTV, SONY and TOGGLE to confirm his interest in Sung Woo, who is holding Asia.

Meanwhile, Ong Sung Woo, who has successfully finished the Asian fan meeting tour, is casting on the role of Choi Jun-woo, a boy who became solitude habit in JTBC ‘eighteen moments’ scheduled to be broadcasted this July.

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