Decade of hard work in the practice room by dancing all night and dreaming of singers and acting alone, Ongwoo became a member of Warner One with the enthusiastic support of national producers. He grew hard as a singer amid unconditional love of fans who could not even imagine at the time of his training, and the strong friendship of Warner One members. Ong Woo started to stand alone with the end of the group activities of Warner One in 2019, which is one year and six months later. JTBC’s “The Moment of the Eighteen” is a heavy shoulder for the first drama starring debut film. But now the twenty-five-year-old boy’s eye, which is glad to have a moment to show the genuine Sung-woo, was full of excitement and anticipation.

Q : After I finished the activity with Warner, I came back as a solo picture.
▲ I enjoyed it. In the past, when I shot a picture, I took one of the eleven concepts and now I am able to do various concepts by myself. It is new. The staff are preparing a lot for me, so I feel more pressure. But when I shoot it, it gets easier and more relaxed from the moment I relaxed and got fun.

Q : I am unfamiliar with waiting time alone.

▲ I knew that photography could be over soon. haha. It was all day when I started shooting. It was an endless swamp of the atmosphere (laughs).

Q : I went to stand alone as an actor. “The eighteenth moment” starring.
▲ There was a short film shoot or a surprise appearance, but it is the first time to challenge the acting. I vowed to be nervous and hard. I think it’s finally the beginning. Because it starts by the name of the dog. I am excited to start all activities alone, not just acting. I am proud of the idea that I can challenge myself enough, and I am happy every day.

Q : Deferred I will play a big role in my debut, and my shoulders will be heavy.
▲ It is burdensome. Every time I look at the script, I think, ‘I really need to be good.’ My character, Choi Jun-woo, is in charge of many things, so I have to be really good. But the good thing is that the characters are really attractive. It is also burdensome, but I also expect that much. I want to respond to the expectation of viewers and fans by thinking ‘How can I express this character and me?’

Q : What kind of character is Choi Jun Woo?
▲ Since I was a child, I became a habit of solitude and I am a friend of mine to be alone. It is a child who is settled by various circumstances or home environment. You can try to deny or avoid loneliness, but Jun – woo is accustomed to solitude and accepts and accepts it. As Junwoo is transferred to a school, she is faced with a new situation. I think it would be nice if I could meet a variety of people and experience various things in that situation and look forward to what will happen.

Q : I felt like myself.
▲ I thought it was amazingly similar. He said that the character of Jung Woo seems to be very good, and that he was really influenced when he designed the character. At first I heard a lot of stories about ‘a dark and lonely character fits my image’ and ‘many people do not think of me as a pleasant and bright image’. I liked that evaluation. It’s not that I have a bright side, but it’s got a lot of different looks. When I analyzed the character, I felt that I did not need to make this friend too dark because I was so lonely. There may be hidden lightness and purity even to the person who looks dark like a cool figure on my bright back. I thought that if I could take such a picture, it would be a charming character. I have the hope that I can do well.

Q : The first impression of the relative station Kim Hyang Ki.

▲ I was very mature. Quiet and calm. I can not believe I’m 20 years old. But when I talked about it, I saw a shy smile and I saw a pure figure and thought that there were various charms. It was a great match with my character, Suvin. Shin Seung – ho was surprised at his physique as soon as I saw him. He was very big in physique and his voice was big, so it was character whiteness in the play. I’m so excited about the idea that it fits nicely with the character and goes well together. I’m enjoying working on the camera, imagining how it would rain.

Q : It is likely that the staffs are expected to get a good performance because hot actors gather together.
▲ The boss told me that he was more nervous than he thought it was. Then he said, “The bishop will do my best.” I said that I would do my best and I did not want to say that I would work harder. haha. It was a warm and cute situation.

Q : When I took up the drama debut, there would have been support from Warner One members.
▲ Not just these things, but also cheer each other as usual. If there is something to celebrate, I will congratulate you unconditionally. Not only this, but if you meet or meet members, you can take a self-portrait and send it to the group chat room. Then I want to see where I am and want to come.

Q : I have ten members who will support me.
▲ I am relieved but I am really comfortable. I felt like it was really hard when I was scattered because I was close to my family, but I got faith. I believe that I will always see each other after a long time.

Q : We seem to have talked a lot with the members who started the solo activity.
▲ When someone plays solo, “Congratulations, the song is good.” I cheer so cheerfully. I do not do it too well. haha. Recently, I have sneaked into the nebula’s schedule. The nebula really liked your brother. It’s a solo activity, so you can be alone in the waiting room. But it seemed to me that I was less lonely than I was. haha. I think this cheering is better for us.

Q : It was a topic that I went to the playground.
▲ It was impromptu. haha. That day the nebula is the same as the day when my brother and I have a break. “What are we going to do?” The nebula wanted to give the fans a gift camera. I do not know the camera, but I was willing to go around to see if I could find a simple way to do it or meet the wind. Suddenly, I suddenly went to the playground. I arrived too late and got only one ride. But I have been to the amusement park for almost 10 years.

Q : Do you have any special appointments with Warner One members after the activity ends?
▲ In March, we have a nebula brother and a jigong brother’s birthday. I want to share a lot of conversations and talk about things like this.

Q I started communicating with my fans through SNS.
▲ I want to let you know how I am doing now. I started to feel small emotions that I usually feel and feel good in my daily life. It’s great to share and sympathize with my fans and my feelings. I also want to talk to the fans and the main communication is through the fan cafe. I am honest with my feelings and sometimes emotional, but I think it is too embarrassing to post such articles on SNS (laughs). I want to talk deeply through fan cafes, which is the only space for me and the fans.

Q : When did you grow your dreams of singer and actor?
▲ It’s been a long time since I raised my dream. I started auditioning in the second grade of junior high school, and after that I learned to dance, sing and act. In such a way, the fans say, ‘I saw 10 years’ effort. In some ways, it is true, but we have to grow more. In fact, it was because of my parents that I kept singing and dancing all the time. I do not object to anything I do. When my family was in a difficult situation, my mother helped me do things I want to learn even if I have a part time job. My dream was always first. My mother also wanted to sing in her youth and wanted to be an entertainer. I think I have given more support to the regret that I have not achieved. The absence of parents’ opposition had the greatest impact on achieving their dreams.

Q : The short story “Sung Woo is okay,” the same story came out in the interview. It was autobiographical.
▲ It’s all about me. Of course I have a situation, but I want to talk about my first meeting. Of course, it was burdensome to talk deeply, and there was a slight rejection. However, my bishop listened to my story and I was able to play it easily through the dialogue. There was a delay, but I finally made up my mind to make an ambassador, so I think that I can have a story that only I can really do.

Q : I have had the belief that dreaming for 10 years will be good someday.

▲ There was a belief that ‘I will be good’ but there was anxiety in one side of my heart. Just a year or two later, I was uncertain what I was going to be doing. It’s not much different now, but I never really knew a thing before. I was afraid of what to do. Of course, I enjoyed my time and happiness, but when I met my friends, I was worried about the future and I talked a lot about the direction of life. In my dreams, I was always positive, but I was kind.

Q : So, it seems to be meaningless to wait for Sung Woo.
▲ Waiting has various meanings. Waiting before his debut was anxious and uncertain. I now have a new meaning to wait for the fans to meet, to wait for the next activity to be ready and what to expect, and to wait for the moment to come soon.

Q : Is there any difficulty in preparing for actor activity?
▲ I am doing very well. In fact, at first I thought it was lonely and lonely to be alone. However, I became aware of the staffs I was working with and I was thinking ‘I’m not doing it alone but making it together’. It was not lonely or lonely because I thought about working together with the staff and the shooting teams who do a lot of work for me like today.

Q : I want to show you as an actor.
▲ The goal that I set as I started acting is to fall into smoke. I do not have a work experience or experience yet. I’m learning to smoke too. I want to be acting crazy in acting and mixing in that role. The fans have a lot to say, “face with narrative”. There are many stories in my face, but I have no compliment. So I would like to make a story of On Sungwoo in various ways to fit that. I want to become an actor who has both taste and taste like ice cream and food court with various flavors.

Q-Broadcasting, I always played the role of atmosphere maker. What is your usual personality?
▲ I play happily when I meet friends in the air or on the floor. You have a nice place. Of course, you can be serious when you are serious, but if you do not really need a place to be serious, you have to have a pleasant, comfortable and happy place. I am such a state. When I spend the day, I go home and say, ‘Oh, I enjoyed it today! Thinking like this and sleeping. haha.

Q : If there is a charm point of a singer who does not know the public yet.
▲ I’re throwing a lot of something funny to make fun, go out to the body program. I’m really grateful to have a pleasant look, but I also have a gentle look. It’s nice to be in a situation where there’s a lot of people together, but if I do not have to make the situation fun, I’ll be calm and speechless. haha. Seriously when I’m serious, I’m pleasant when I am pleasant. It is a charm and advantage that I can show you the various tensions I can make at any time.

Q : I think it is hard to forget the memory of Warner won after a long time.
I felt like I was filming a beautiful youth movie while I was working as Warner. I missed and missed the moment I broke up but in the end everything remained good. It was sad, but it was not Saad Ending. I think it ended with a beautiful happy ending. It was a memorable moment for me because I felt like I was putting a memorable memory with everyone in a corner of my memories, and I will not feel this feeling in the future. I have been very thankful to have been a member of Warner One and will be a good nerve for all of the eleven members including me.

Q : Also famous for his unique fan love.
▲ Since I was a trainee, I could not feel the infinite love of the fans. I was not confident at the time of the training. I’ve heard a lot more bad stories than good ones. So at first I came up with Mnet ‘Produce 101’ with an uncertain mind. When I saw the internet reaction after the first broadcast, Interested in people like me? ” I did. There are people who cry out in front of the stage where they are being evaluated. I was so surprised there. ‘How do you know me?’ I want to go “Sung-woo Hwiting! I was shocked and impressed to hear that I love you! I wanted to get on stage faster every week because of the sound. I was also grateful for the growing cheering sound. From then on, I’ve been looking at my fans’ reactions. I’m the ‘Search King’. haha. I felt great gratitude when I saw the words of comfort and the affectionate words I had never heard before. There are many times when my mind is shaking, and sometimes it is like glass. But the fans keep me well and make them harder. It makes you think you are a great person.

Q :’Sungwoo is okay. When I see someone who has a passion for something, I want to go crazy. What I want to do now is.
▲ I want to reach the character named Junwoo. The reason why I constantly challenged the acting was because I was desperately craving for acting in a crazy passion. When I was on stage with Warner One, I was dancing and singing at that moment. At that time, I felt like I was the best in the world and I was really happy when I communicated with my fans. I thought I was crazy, crazy, dancing and singing on the stage. Now I want to be in acting, and I have big expectations for such a future.

Q : It seems to be full of excitement about a new beginning.
▲ In fact, I feel a little sorry for my fans. It’s hard to communicate frequently, preparing drama. I want to see the fans too. I’m sorry I should have kept you waiting. But it is not meaningless waiting. In the future, there will be more good news, good news. If you showed me a passionate and passionate look at Warner One, I’ll show you a more mature result from now on. I will always try to develop and grow. I hope this moment waiting for me will be a happy wait for my fans.

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