On the afternoon of the 30th, SBS Power FM ‘Doosyul Escape Cult show’, Group One Earth had a time to talk about the new song by appearing in the ‘New album digging section’ corner.

On the day, Wear Earth covered the Twice ‘Dance The Night Away’ and performed a live stage full of refreshing feeling. After that, he began to talk with Kim Tae-gyun in earnest. Kim Tae-gyun praised “I am not watching because it is a recording, but I have been wearing my costumes so beautifully today,” and Wise Earth said, “Thank you.”

Earl Earth is the title song of the 2nd album of Won Earth and the time of the dog and the wolf “about the new song ‘The sun is falling'” “It is the lover who breaks the figure of the sun from the time of the dog and the wolf It is a piece of analogy. ”

In addition, Won Earth said, “Chioni Madrid, a world-class choreographer, has made choreography.” “Point dance has a dance called” dancing in the sky in line with the song “The sun is falling.” Earl Earth said “I shot a music video in Milan,” and he caught my attention by uncovering the extraordinary ball that was on the album.

In addition, Won Earth showed a new song ‘The sun is falling’. I think that you will love me a lot and I hope you will cheer me up and love me. Thank you so much for coming back to my 2nd home. I’ll do it. ”

Kim Tae-gyun, “I will continue to win and continue to grow, I believe will show you,” he gave a warm heart to the honor.

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