On August 9th,ONEUS posted a video of the second mini-album ‘RAISE US’ (Twilight) ‘Dangdinmi version’ through the official SNS.

In the open video, ONEUS members wear comfortable clothes and show their passionate performance in response to their new song “Twilight.”

On top of the charismatic on stage, the ONEUS members pose a heart pose toward the camera, and they cheer each other and smile at the cheerful atmosphere.

In particular, he was proud of the reality of the real manchin beauty, wearing a warm-tempered outfit fashion that stands out as a six-color, six-color personality.

Previously, Wear Earth released a chest choreography video through the Wonder Kee YouTube channel and an official social networking service (SNS) on October 8 at 8 pm.

Afterwards, he showed up to the choreography version of Dandang Me Version in succession and finished his three-piece special choreography video, captivating his attention with his brilliant performance that can not be separated from the restrained sexy.

The title song ‘Twilight’ is a song that compares the falling sun to a lover who has died. The producer, Kim Do-hoon, the best hitter maker in Korea, has been involved in writing and composing. World choreographer Kioni Madrid has completed a delicate but intense choreography unique to Woners.

The netizens who watched the videos are responding such as “It is so cute” and “It is every day because of the earth”.

On the other hand, Wear Earth is playing the title song ‘Twilight’ on SBS ‘popular song’ today (9th).

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