‘Spring Night’ revealed the hidden secret of the birth of luxury drama.

The MBC tree mini series “Spring Night” is a story about the delicate performance, captivating script, and actors’ hot performances that capture the speciality in everyday life.

At the base of this fantastic synergy, there is a perfect teamwork of directors, writers, actors and a lot of staff.

In order to raise the level of perfection as disprove it, there is always laughing in the field where we always discuss and study, and it is giving a good feeling.

Han Ji Min (Jung In), Jung Hae In (Ji Ho Ho) and Kim Jun Han (Kwon Ki Suk) captured in the photo are laughing in a different way from the drama, which has a breathtaking relationship that does not know when it will go off.

The first thing that Han Ji Min and Jung Haein, who have been listening to the viewers’ hearts with a realistic melodrama, seemed to be reachable first, while watching the pictures taken together with the laughing moment during the rehearsal, makes the audience’s tails rise by themselves.

The clown of Han Ji Min who does not know how to see the child actor who plays the son of Yoo Eun-woo of Yoo-ho, and the melo eyes of Jeong-in who drips the honey in the time of rest also convey pleasant feeling.

Kim Joon-Han also puts down the weight of Kwon Ki-suk’s character for a while, and shows a different aspect to him by spraying Kyo-in and friendly Kimi.

MBC’s mini-series ‘Spring Night’, which depicts the perfection of the performances with the smiles of the actors and breathing, goes to the movie theater at 8:55 pm every Wednesday and Thursday.

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