The new zombie game made a big laugh.

TVN’New Seo Yugi 8-Once Upon a Time’ season 8, broadcast on the 11th, gave a laugh as the last mission.

On this day, the members left Chuja Island and moved to Jeju Island. After delivering Chinese dishes for lunch, they picked up chopsticks, but the crew shouted “Stop moving.”

The members who were able to eat lunch through the game’I’ll tell you everything’ quickly continued the game, saying, “You shouldn’t blow noodles,” while sending resentful glances. But when he kept getting food out, Kang Ho-dong suggested a team fight, saying, “We write it as 6 and read it as 1,” and fortunately, it succeeded and won lunch.

After lunch, the production crew suggested the’extraordinary dragon ball mission’. After dropping a piece of tissue on the second floor, grabbing the tissue on the first floor. Song Min-ho, who was confident in speed, stepped forward confidently, and the production crew revealed that the shooting time was extended in case of success and failure. After receiving the support of the members, Song Min-ho neatly succeeded in the mission and was guaranteed to leave work at 6 o’clock with Yong Ball.

In order to acquire the dinner barbecue, a 2:2:2 team match is given, and barbecue is paid differently according to the performance. The game for eating dinner is the last new’Zombie Game’, with a 100% light blocking waterscape item added.

Kang Ho-dong raised tension by warning, “I’ll let you experience hell about being alive.” ‘Cho Eun Sai’ Eun Ji-won-Gyu-hyun team played a hole in Kang Ho-dong by a fake operation, and lasted 12 to 13 minutes. Following the challenge,’Hallym Predictor’ Song Min-ho-Pio challenged. The zombies that had been narrowed down by the dog leg strategy eventually eliminated Pio in 30 seconds. On the other hand, Song Min-ho got the nickname of’So Ok Min-ho’ by avoiding’Sok’ whenever he had a chance. Kyuhyun caught Song Min-ho in a difficult way, but the zombies became a mess by asking Kyuhyun. In addition, Song Min-ho was bitten, but he endured it with evil spirits and laughed.

Kang Ho-dong-Lee Su-geun hit the zombies and avoided them. However, after Lee Soo-geun was caught, Kang Ho-dong, who was caught by YB zombies, was bitten and experienced so-called’hell’ and gave a big smile.

The last dragon ball mission this season continued. The challenger is to play a persistent battle with Fioro rubber band. It is a mission to lower the rubber band to the neck in 30 seconds. Fio, whose facial muscles are extraordinary, raised expectations, but eventually failed due to the upper limit of the rubber band getting higher.

He shouted’The end’, but Eun Ji-won of the Dragon King suggested’the next problem’ with the right to speak, and in case of success, everyone agreed to a VIP meal. In this game, you have to take the card that falls into the’catch challenge’ with your forehead. Dragon King screamed for a challenge over the people’s dinner, but eventually failed.

Meanwhile, the production crew who failed to adjust the amount released largely unbroadcasted pieces. This is the’Liar Game’ that was in the trailer. In the Liar game unfolding on the 3rd, only one’Liar’ and the rest were written with the suggested word. Liar has to pretend to know the language in secret. Lee Soo-geun, who became a liar twice, surprised everyone by hitting Jesse despite being a liar with a unique sense.

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