On this day, Starcruantija Naeban official SNS ‘HA SUNG WOON 2nd MINI ALBUM BXXX 2019.07.08′ is released to raise the fans’ question about the second mini album.

The second mini album to be released on July 8 is only five months after the first mini album ‘My Moment’ released on February 28th.

In the meantime, Dae-neun has been participating in TVN’s “My Private Life” drama on May 16, the second digital single “Riding” on June 5, JTBC drama ” Immunity ‘and even in the midst of a busy mini album work has been sold out.

Especially, if my first mini album ‘My Moment’ was an album that expresses the common and universal emotions that many people can relate to with their own emotions, I am already wondering what contents to include in the second mini album.

On the other hand, the agency of the company said that it will disclose contents of the album along with the schedule according to the scheduler.

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