Group Oh my Girls invited to the fairy tale fantasy world to make their hearts feel cold in the autumn.

On the afternoon of the 20th, Oh My Girl held a solo concert ‘2018 Autumn Fairy Tale’ at the Blue Square IMA Market Hall in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, and had a happy time with the fans.

The ‘2018 autumn fairy tale’ is an extension of ‘summer fairy tale’ that was held in 2016. Oh My Girls ‘concept of’ fairy tale ‘was like a fairy tale, and it caught the fans’ mind. The first opening stage was a ‘secret garden’ of dreamy charm. Members in pink glittering dresses gave the impression of a princess. Closer ‘and’ one step two ‘to the audience.

The secret invitation of Oh My Girl has raised the sorrow index. The following was a heavenly garden concept. Oh my Girl ‘s’ Love’O Clock’ showed a perfect sword. Also, it was a refreshing attraction with ‘Windy Day’. The voice and performance of the OMEGA Girl, which suits the cool autumn, warmed my heart.

On that day, Omai Gil said, turning to the feeling of holding a concert. First, Omai Girls, “Welcome to the heavenly garden Miracle,” I cried shouting. Vinny laughed, saying, “I even dye my roots for the concert today.” “We are going to have a concert for two years and I am curious to know what we have prepared for the next two years

The next stage concept was a welcome party. I was curious. The members raised their heads to the left and right, boasting a beautiful voice. Then he echoed as if echoing with echo. The end of the welcome party was ‘Sixteen’.

Seven fairy tales unfolded in the solo stage where the members’ charm can be seen. The main dancer infants were alluring look to the “moon” the stern, dressed in a white feather costumes presented a sexy performance, seunghui rang the chest ‘to name’ IU wearing a white dress. Arin took the stage for ‘Son’ and ‘Saturday night’. She was dressed in a red minnie dress with a fascinating look. Beanie has a charm with Maroon Five’s Moven Like Jagger. I climbed into the stage with a rock sikh costume and exposed my shoulders to shout.

The members expressed their feelings about the solo stage. “I tried the sexy concept, I did not mean to look cute, but I thought I had a cute look,” said Arin. The infant said, “I actually went to the sofa during the stage and my feet slipped.”

The members then sit on the stage and begin the sky camping. Members embellished the night sky by singing ‘In My Dreams’, ‘Goodbye to Your Ears’, ‘Butterfly’, ‘Agit’, ‘Knock Knock’, and ‘Real World’.

Oh My Girls showed his sword as a cover dance to the world that he met again. Powerful performance and infant and Mimi dance breaks. After the stage was over, the video of the concert of Oh My Girl was released. Omaigal gave a variety of opinions to show a different appearance. Each person wanted to make a stage different from their own original image. In the wrong opinion of Oh My Girl, the audience became laughing sea.

Oh My Girls first unveiled a stage that had never been shown before, “I invited but there is no exit”. Omai Girls, who started with the title of Secret Forest, reintroduced the stage with ‘Twilight’, ‘Cupid’ and ‘Coloring Book’. Members dressed in red and black costumes attracted a different charm.

It was followed by the “Fireworks” which was the activity song, and the fireworks were launched in the hearts of the audience. Oh My Girls had the last stage with all the heat and sex. Mimi said, “It’s too late for the final stage.” The audience shouted angkor and endlessly called the Oh My girl angrily. At that moment, the concert making video is flowing, and Ohmygirl reappears in comfortable clothes. Omai Girls stood in line, singing “Our Story,” as if expressing her heartfelt enthusiasm. Then he called out ‘B612’ and ‘Illusion’ and breathed in the audience. It was the part where the love of Omai Girls was revealed. Members are tearful.

On the other hand, Oh My Girls will perform on October 20th and 21st at the Blue Square in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

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