Debut five years all car groups Oh My Girl (hyojeong, Mimi, infant, seunghui, Ji Ho, Vinny, ARIN) Fold the back to look for these girls grow further.

On the afternoon of May 8th, a showcase commemorating the release of Omai Girls’ first album, ‘The Fifth Season’, was held at K Olympic Park K-Art Hall in Seoul Songpa-gu.

‘The Fifth Season’, which will be released at 6:00 pm on each online music site, is a new album to be released in 8 months after Omai Girls’ sixth mini-album “Remember me” released last September.

The title song “SSFWL” is a track by STEVEN LEE, Joe Lawrence and Caroline Gustavsson. It melts modern electronic dance sound with the emotional orchestration and the classic sound of the pounding organic drum sound.

Hyojung said, “I have been challenged by the song that I think it will go well with Oh My Girl, and it is the album that I am going to do with the diversity of Oh My Girl by recording a new song, I am so thankful for you to write it down. I tried hard to digest it, so I would like you to look pretty. ”

“I tried to get a song that came to my mind when I walked,” said Seunghee. “I think it’s a diverse group, and I’ve included a lot of challenging songs,” she said.

As a regular album, you are determined to work on the album activity. Hyojung said, “I will try to make music with limitless music when I play Omai Girls in the future, and I think I will prepare an album that contains many stories of Ohmy Girl. I had a lot of opinions about what kind of vocals I would like to digest in order to digest all the songs together, so the regular album is a very important album for us.

Vinny replied, “It’s a group called OMEGA Girls who wants to express the inner side of the girl in various ways, the girl has various emotions, there will be a strong girl and a shy girl, I think it is going to be a turning point for the girl who is deep inside of me. I hope that you will look forward to it because I will show you a lot of new changes. ”

A notable part is the ‘concept fairy’, a different kind of transformation. Members showed off their new album-related content, from teaser photos to music videos, to ballerinas. “I thought we were trying a lot of different concepts and trying different things this time,” said Arin. “I thought we’d have to work hard, He said. The members said, “It was a lot of burden.”

He also made a promise to fulfill the first place in the music broadcast and music charts. When asked to say the first pledge, Ohmygal replied, “If we get the first place, we will put on a scary ballet costume that we talked about before, and we will make the stage with a pool.” Hyojung laughed, adding that “hair is only for sons.”

Omai Girls successfully held its first overseas tour from late last year to early this year. Seung – hee said, “I did not really think about it. It was short, but it seemed that the dreams came true in a blinking bird.

“We have been singing along with Korean lyrics while we are touring abroad, and rap and ad-lib and ad-lib will be singing along with rap, so we have to think more about doing our best so that we can have more strength for many people who listen to our songs in the future. I feel like I need to get more physical strength, I need to be healthy, and it seems to me that I am matured both internally and externally. ”

Jiho said, “Miracle (fan) ‘s face and expression looked much better than the country, and I remember a lot of cheers and feelings.”

Mimi said, “I do not usually feel warm in the spring, but it will be very hot this spring, and I want to show my passion and to be loved by many fans. Spring is very hot,

In April of 2015, Ohmy Girl started to work as the first mini album ‘OH MY GIRL’ title song ‘CUPID (Cupid)’. In the past four years, ‘CLOSER’, ‘LIAR LIAR’ , ‘Listen to Me’, ‘Secret Garden’, ‘Fireworks’, etc.

Hyojung said, “I think I was able to make the first album for 4 years by Omai Girls, and I was able to get my first full-length album, even if I’m a little slower. I have been touring, doing fan meetings, and making regular albums, and I feel so happy in the process of achieving each one. My goal for the future is to make music for the people who love us and to give hope to many people through our music “He said.

Members said they would like to get a “concept genius” in the future. Jiho added, “I want to hear that you are an Omai girl who believes and listens.

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