Shim Wan, Lee Jung Eun, Lee Dong Wook ‘s “Hell is Hell” group poster was released.

On the poster of OCN’s Hell of Others on the 5th, six main characters were captured in one frame against the narrow dark corridor of Eden Koshiwon.

In the poster, Lee Jung Eun is creating a creepy atmosphere with a meaningful smile from Jang Joo, Lee Hyun Wook and Jong Hwan Park.

And Dong Wook has an oblique gaze with his arms folded, and the middle – handed impishman is making a serious face.

Along with the group posters, artwork posters by Kim Yong-ki were also presented. An official at Naver WebToon said, “I prepared special contents in consultation with Kim Yongki before the drama of ‘The other is hell’.”

A mysterious drama in which a young man who is said to be a hell is experiencing hell created by others in Seoul’s strange life. First broadcast of 10:30 pm on 31st March.

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