Participating mobile idol app “IDOLCHAMP” will be on April 18th for two weeks “If you are with this idol, you will not be afraid of the trial period! What kind of idol do you want to study together in the library? The vote was made on the theme. Many of the men and women who represent the idol are the winners of the nominees.

Min Hyun, who is in charge of the “Emperor” in the NU’EST, won a total of 220,000 votes, resulting in 33.11 percent of the votes.

It is not afraid of the examination period if it is with the attentive South Min Hyun such as the mother to the members, the boyfriend to the fans.

In fact, Min-hyeon, who is also a mother-in-law among New East members, is renowned for taking care of the members with nagging love in relation to cleanup and cleanup. If you are so nervous with such carefulness and affection, you can end your study that you have put off at once.

In addition, Min Hyun has a good level of Japanese language ability among the New East members. Minhyun is not only famous for his Japanese skills but also a perfect example of reminiscent of cars. He stimulates the fan shim with a twisted pair of eyes clinging to his white skin, a slimmer face as a whole, and a high and sharp nose.

The fans who participated in the vote said, “If you face Minhyon’s emperor-like visuals, there will be no drowsiness.” “If Min-hyeon is full of meticulousness and affection, she will be able to complete the study that she had put off.”

In the second place, it was 19.06% with Global RM’s bullying boy boy RM, and missed 1st place unfortunately. In addition to this, the EXO group ranks third with 11.20%, followed by Stray Kids (8.79%) and female friends (8.16%).

On the other hand, Idol Champ, who has been voting, is in the process of voting for ‘Best Cut’ for the idol who appeared in the show champion for a month in April. The top spot for the vote is TV spots using the best cut will be released to the idol.

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