ATEEZ, recently comeback, included two concepts in the summer with double title songs ‘WAVE’ and ‘ILLUSION’, and showed the way to approach the fans in various ways. Also, ONEUS’s title song ‘The sun is falling’ stands out for its impressive lyrics and sensuous choreography, which is compared to a lover who breaks apart the falling sun.

On that day, ‘Weekly Idol’ opened ‘K-POP University New Students’ Reception and had time to see various attractions of ATEEZ and ONEUS. In particular, MC Gwang Hee is a returning student of ATI’s Department, and MC Josho is transformed into a returning student of the Earth Science Department.

ATEEZ and ONEUS began their confrontation with their company in earnest. The two groups will have a different appeal for their idol dance battle, such as EXO, TWICE and IZ * ONE from the cover stages of Block B and MAMAMOO, .

On the other hand, MC Gwang – hee was an idol senior and gave advice to young singers. He said to the two teams: “It is a very good thing to have a rival. As jealousy is my strength, I could have been here because there was a temporary witch! ”

In addition, a back door that this Tees (ATEEZ) and circle Earth (ONEUS) is reminiscent of a concert digesting a sweet voice cried each “night letters” in the “western sky” and IU Kerala session. And the two teams made the “Weekly Idol” 3MC (Jo Seo-ho, Nam Chang-hee, Hwang Kwang-hee) with an intriguing gesture.

ATEEZ and ONEUS, both equipped with talent as well as aptitude, can meet on Wednesday, June 19, at 5 pm at Weekly Idol, which is broadcast simultaneously on MBC Everybody and MBC Music.

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