Netflix’s original series, “ If you like it, ” released the stills.

‘If you like it’ is a 100% transparency romance of the three men and women in the world that is thought to be able to express the heart through the alarm is developed by the ‘good alarm’ application that alarms when a favorite person comes in within 10m radius story.

Stills revealed that high school students Jojo, Hye-young, and Seon-O recognize each other, are attracted, troubled, check their hearts, and capture various moments of flutter and pain.

After the release of GoodAlarm, people are enthusiastic about the app that tells their favorite hearts with numbers, and you can start installing GoodAlarm.

Joo-hyun, a model-born popular man, transfers to Jojo and Hye-young’s schools, and Jo-jo, who confirms his mind and heart through Goodalm, regains a happy and thrilling daily life that he never felt.

However, it soon becomes difficult in front of the young eyes and barriers of reality. Hye-young, a friend like Sun-oh and brothers and began to like Jo-jo first, steps back for Jo-jo and Sun-oh who sounded good, but can’t give up his heart toward Jo-jo.

They have a good alarm app, but still like it is not easy.

Director Lee Na-jung says, “I like courage and I like to face myself.” This raises the question of how the story of the people around Good Alarm will develop.

The original series “ If You Like It ” is based on the popular webtoon by Cheon Gye-young, a popular series.Lee Bora participated in the screenplay by Lee Na-yeon, Servo, and Creator.The ghosts, “ Mr. Sunshine, ” and “ 60 days ” are designated survivors. Studio Dragon, who has produced Korean wave contents such as ‘Hotel DeLuna’, was in charge of the production.

‘If you like it’ will be released on Netflix only on August 22.

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