Currently, there are many people who want to be granted a Certificate of not being positive for SARS-CoV-2 for the purpose of leaving, studying and working abroad. So the questions are:
* Where is the COVID test?
* How much does a COVID test cost?
* What is the procedure for testing for COVID.
1. Where is the COVID test?
Sierra Home Care Lab Center organizes Covid-19 service testing for people in need who have a certificate of negative for Covid-19 at 2 facilities:
Working time: Monday, Friday: 9am-5pm
Address:  2060 Marengo Street Los Angeles, CA 90033
Phone number: +1 323-576-2528
Working time: Monday, Friday: 8 AM ~ 8 PM
Address: 16902 Millikan Ave Irvine, CA 92606 Phone: +1 949-527-9010
2. How much does a COVID test cost?
Customers come to Sierra Center for sampling and testing with a testing service of $180/sample by Real-time PCR method,
3. What is the procedure for testing for COVID?
Step 1: Make an appointment with the center
Step 2:  After medical staff performs protective and disinfecting steps, you will be given a specimen, including:
* Take 3 – 5 ml of blood into the EDTA anticoagulation tube.
* Respiratory fluid: collect samples of upper and lower respiratory tract fluid with a sampling stick
Step 3: Get the result
Test results will be returned by phone and email in pdf within 24 hours of taking the test
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