Taeyong of NCT 127, who released the solo song ‘Long Flight’ through SM Station Season 3, shot the first solo pictorial.

The magazine Bazaar released an interview with Taeyong’s pictorial on September 20. Taeyong concentrated on this shooting, which took place in a busy schedule that had been completed overseas, and immediately picked out an A cut and received applause. With his distinctive gestures and intense eyes, he made his first solo pictorial since his debut.

In the following interview, Tae-yong said, “It’s nice to have a long flight and to think alone. This song contains the things that came to mind on the plane. It was great to have ice cream for dessert and it was so good when I first saw the sky turn purple. ”He released the story of how he created ‘Long Flight’, which he wrote and wrote.

In addition, when asked how you want to spend the rest of the summer, “I want to go to the Han River at night before the summer is over, have a cool breeze, exercise with my members, sweat, chat, and eat something cool.” He also showed affection.

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