NCT Lucas, Mickey Wiki Kim Doyeon intense debut.

In SBS ‘The Law of the Jungle in the Last Indian Ocean’ broadcast on 26th, the newly joined Kim Do Yeon, Lucas, and Boom were portrayed.

Satisfaction of the day began to survive in the Sri Lankan sea. Kim Do-yeon, who joined the company, said, “I have a good reputation. I went to the president of the school and took the role of cheerleader.”

Like this horse, Kim was full of fighting and increased the energy of illness satisfaction.

Especially in his first survival, he was able to demonstrate his extraordinary ability by acquiring the king’s clam.

The same was true for Lucas in his youngest age. Kim Sung Soo, Gangnam, Moon Gaby and coconut collectors, Lucas was quick and accurate, and received a joy from his brothers.

Kim raised his fever to fire. I am successful in burning at super speed and I admire you. The illness satisfaction praised Kim Do-yeon, “It seems to be the shortest time in history” and “It is faster than Kim Byung-man.”

After the meal, I looked at the water house. The members who saw the house completed by Kim Byung-man admired “it was really hard” and “how did you do it?”

Kim Byung-nam, Gangnam, and Kim Sung-soo went on a fish hunt. However, Kim Sung-soo abandoned the hunt with a sudden stamina. Kim Byeong-man suggested, “It’s not a situation I can take.

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