NCT 127 released the teaser image of Johnny, Tae Yong and Utah, which soft-charisma overwhelms the eyes through the official account of various SNS on the day (17th) The song ‘Superhuman’ more curious about the question.

NCT 127, the fourth mini album ‘NCT # 127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN’, will be released on May 24 at 6 pm Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportive, QQ Music, It is available through various music sites such as Woohoo music and Kuchu music, and it contains 6 tracks including title song ‘Superhuman’.

In addition, the new song “FOOL”, which is included in this album, is a pop dance song featuring a cute and candid heart of a man who fell in love at first sight. It adds more fun to the narration of the members who express various emotional changes wisely, NCT 127’s cool and cool sensibility is expected to get a good response as it can also meet an electronic pop song “Paper Plane” in hopes of achieving a dream that has been freed up like a sky-flying paper plane.

On the other hand, NCT 127’s fourth mini album ‘NCT # 127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN’ will be released on the 27th of May.

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