This day ‘idol music show! Berry Berry Yeon-ho, who first appeared in the corner of Coin King, said, “It is very nervous and there are no members. However, Yeonho completed the title song ‘Tag Tag Tag’ live alone in support of fans who visited Sangam MBC Garden Studio.

Astro MJ said, “Thank you very much for getting excited at the start. The start is good. ” NC.A also said, “It was amazing to see all the members’ parts alone.

Yeonho sang the usual day of the drama ‘My Uncle’ OST, Jung Seunghwan’s “ Normal Day, ” and showed anti-war charm. Yeonho also left a three-line poem to the songwriter Jung Seung-hwan, who is in charge of MBC FM4U ‘Forest of Music’, “Welcome to Seung-hwan Jung, if you want to do a duet with me?”

Astro MJ and NC.A, who recently worked at ‘The King of Mask Singers,’ reunited at ‘Idol Radio’ and had a time to show their singing powers once again.

NC.A said, “I’m uploading a lot of cover songs these days, and I’m ready to listen to them because they are so responsive.” NC.A also choreographed his girlfriend ‘Rough’ stage with choreography to surprise everyone, and MJ also joined the performance to make the studio laugh.

NC.A said, “It was a song that I practiced dancing for the first time when I appeared in the program ‘The Unit.’” At the time, there were 9 parts, so I wanted to see the fans sing in full version. did.

MJ was applauded by the voice of Sung Si Kyung’s ‘In the Street’ with a calm voice. NC.A admired, “I felt so good that my voice was so clear that I wanted to compare it with my vocal cords.” MJ finally staged TVXQ’s ‘Balloons’ stage and played the role of Myeongbul Haengbu ‘Hung Wealthy’.

DJ Jung Il-hoon and other cast members played together to complete the exciting stage. MJ told Astro member Moon-bin, who appeared in the music video of Balloons as a child of Yuno Yun-ho, “It was so cute at the time, but now it is a beast. It’s different from the old days when you look at the muscles. ”

NC.A said, “I was so excited at the end. At first, I was a little nervous and had a low tension, but next time I would call it again, I would be able to have fun with high tension from the beginning. ”

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