Nayoung, a fashion magazine, edited the July edition of ADDYK magazine, attracting attention from the beginning to the end.

Naoyoung in the public picture has perfected various styles from natural casual to feminine look and summer look. Clear, clean skin and eyes, long wave hairstyles and accessories blend in with distinctive outfits to create a pure yet sexy charm.

In the accompanying picture, a pair of bright blue tops and blue jeans with a summer mood filled with blue-sky backgrounds, and a summer look full of refreshing beauty were completed. Especially Na Young’s playful face and pose were fresh, but added a freshness.

In addition, Nayoung boasts a cool blue light off-shoulder top and white skirt, or casual shorts and t-shirts to show off the charm, and reveals straight legs to create a sensational summer picture with sexy yet healthy appeal.

On the other hand, Nayoung is on stage as Margerta, who is a clear, clean, and purely accepting feeling of love in the musical ‘Mephisto’. Na Young’s first musical debut, Mephisto, will be performed at the BBCH Hall at the Kwanglim Art Center until July 28th.

In addition, Nayyou’s picture which transformed perfectly into Summer Girl can be seen in ADDYK Digital Magazine in July issue.

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