Lee Ji Hyun reporter ‘Doctor Prisoner’ of the genius doctor of the house was captured in the palm. Like his orchestra conductor, his charisma, which takes control of the operating room perfectly, increases his heart rate.

KBS TV drama ‘Doctor Prisoner’ (directed by Hwang In-hyeok, dramatist Park, Gwak-ok, and producer Ji-dam) released the scene cut of the house of Min-gong Min, reminiscent of actual operation on April 14. Meanwhile, Kim Byeong-cheol, who watched this from outside, is caught by stormy anger, raising questions about the situation.

Namgoong Min, in the open-air photograph, is concentrating on the whole body while accurately scanning the whole body of the patient.

Subsequently, the soup pouring from the operating room nurse to the scalpel, the infusion of water, makes him know why he is called the best scepter. Especially, it is impressive that it is like a conductor of an orchestra.

Among them, the mark ‘Hae Hin Hospital’ rather than ‘Tae Kang Hospital’ is clear, and it is as if he was wondering why he was working with other hospitals, operating rooms, It emits a charismatic ruler like a staff, and it attracts attention.

On the other hand, Kim Byeong-cheol, who is out of the operating room, is watching the South Koreans with his eyes looking at me with a lot of frown and making me feel the tension to the extreme.

I am now a genius surgeon with an excellent knife skill who can not be followed by the southern part of the play. He is a person to be assisted by the successor of Sunmin Minh (Kim Byung Chul), a medical director of the prison medical department after coming out of Taegang Hospital.

What is the story of a genius doctor out of the world and a doctor in the fence encountered in an operating room, which made him so angry that he was known as the cool poker face character, You are amplifying the curiosity about the first broadcast.

On the other hand, before entering the film, Min – gyung Min was consulted by an incisive surgeon, and from the angle where the scalpel cuts the flesh to the suture of the sophisticated suture, he passed the rehearsal like the actual practice several times through the medical pile.

In the filming that immediately followed, Nam Goong-min realized the perfect hand gesture, and from the consultant of the surgeon who watched it as an observation room, he was praised as “monitoring the real operation site.” It is raising expectations.

KBS 2TV new drama ‘Doctor Prisoner’ will be broadcasted at 10 pm on Wednesday, 20th, followed by ‘Why is it okay?’

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