The 7-year-old Haram and 5-year-old Soyuni, who had a nerve war during the play, melted in cold light due to their kindness.

A new transfer student appeared in tvN ‘My First Social Life’, which was broadcast on the 4th. Soyun was 5 years old girl.

However, children who played ‘Mugunghwa Flower Bloomed’ could not continue their play because of Soyun standing in the seat. When the children complained, Haram was in front of Soyun as his brother.

He said, “It’s not your turn. You have to go back. It’s not your turn now.” Haram yelled more strongly, “Last warning. Don’t notice! Go!”, But Soyun approached Haram.

Haram avoided embarrassingly and said, “Just leave it alone. If you’re going to do it.”

Soyun later confessed to her mother, “(Haram was scared. But what was your brother so angry.”

Professor Kim Min-sik interpreted that “snowball fights among children are a strong social signal.” In response to MC’s concerns about Soyun’s method, Professor Seo Chun-seok said, “Because the game is broken and there is no benefit, we will find another way.”

Haram and Soyun, who used to do this, but Soram’s heart was distracted as Haram took care of chopsticks. Soyun Lee was also comfortable asking questions to Haram.

On this day, Haram and John decided to sit next to each other. Then, after being uncomfortable, Jeong-hu left his seat, and John pursued him. Haram was upset.

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